Darius Daulton Talks About The ‘Stress’ Of Dating Keke Palmer

Darius Daulton Jackson He shared his thoughts on his relationship with his girlfriend Cake Palmer on a new episode of ‘Baby, this is Keke Palmer.’ Like The Shade Room Earlier, Jackson made headlines by publicly criticizing Palmer’s appearance at Usher’s recent concert.

According to Fun TonightThe podcast episode was recorded before it was publicly released.

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Darius Daulton Jackson Talks Going Public With Keke Palmer & Her “Superior Behaviors”

In the episode, which aired on Tuesday, Jackson opened up about his past relationship with Palmer. According to Fun Tonightshe talked about how “difficult” it was for him when their relationship became public.

“At first, it was difficult because everything can be so overwhelming. It was amazing and powerful at first.”

Palmer agreed.

In addition, Jackson went on to explain that he feels a “pressure to be perfect” for himself and his girlfriend.

“And it’s like, you just feel like you need to be perfect. So, it really messed me up and got into my mind because not only do I have to hold myself to that perfect standard, but I also have to hold you to that perfect standard.”…

Jackson went on to explain that “any wrong moment” on his “side” or Palmer’s “could start a third world war.”

“So, any minute of error on my part or on your part could start World War III because it’s like, man, now the world is watching us.”

Keke Palmer Admits There’s “A Lot of Pressure” Now With a Public Family

As the interview progressed, Palmer acknowledged and admitted that “a lot of problems” exist in their relationship.

“It’s very difficult because this is the story, we’re in public now, and there are things we want to share… but at the same time, we want to keep the privacy of our relationship…”

Palmer went on to say that he feels they’ve “done a great job” “being able to work together” and “creating” each other “while also being private.” You can listen to the entire podcast Here.

Palmer Recently Shared His Thoughts Around Darius Daulton & His Public Opposition

Like The Shade Room Earlier, Darius Daulton Jackson recently called out Palmer for the clothes she wore to an Usher concert in Las Vegas.

At the time, Palmer wore a lace dress that showed off her curves and led to Jackson criticizing her for captioning her concert video with a short message.

“It’s the dress.. you ladies.”

Palmer responded bluntly by criticizing Jackson in public during the cover of The Dulanias he said The Shade Room. The 29-year-old urged other “new mums” to “do it for you” regardless of the negative comments they may receive.

“What about you, new mom. In the middle. Girls, if there is one person in this world who truly loves you, it is that child. Be happy, because there is no love like it. Someone who loves you like this, hell, who cares?”

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