Damian Lillard 2023 trade package: Lillard trade possibilities


Damian Lillard business packages in 2023 are not as attractive as they would have been in other years. It’s because of the endless drama surrounding him and the Portland Trail Blazers, not to mention his astronomical salary.

Damian Lillard trade package 2023

Talk of a potential trade for Lillard has been a regular occurrence each offseason. It seems like the NBA summer hasn’t even started until the Lillard trade news and endless rumors start flooding social media and sports.

This year will be no exception to that rule. He managed to settle down after the Draft, but Lillard is still one of the best NBA offseason trade candidates as we approach freedom. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best trade deals the Blazers could get for him.

3. Knocking

The New York Knicks have been trading top players for a long time. They’ve run for the fences and struck out every year, and it seems they can’t attract free agent stars. right to help regardless of the fact that he has money and has one of the biggest franchises in the history of the game.

Now, they will Jalen Brunson as the closest thing to a star, and all of this shows that he will be the person he wants. But if the Knicks want to move forward now — not in the future — they should look to pair him with Lillard, one of the game’s best scorers.

Pairing Lillard with Brunson would give the Knicks an explosive backcourt, not to mention another strong presence in the locker room to create a winning culture. Knicks fans have been through it before, and they deserve it.

Also, the Knicks have one of the strongest trade options for Damian Lillard in 2023 right now. They could get the seven-time All-Star in return for two unprotected picks, one trade (should go to the Blazers), RJ Barrett, Evan Fournierand Immanuel Quickley.

The Blazers could look to trade Fournier or trade him, with two small pieces to add to their core. Shaedon Sharpe and Scott Hendersonlike Immanuel Quickley is eligible for a contract extension, and RJ Barrett could be good.

2. Networking

The Brooklyn Nets had a number of players and were unable to get the most out of them. Going back to their famous trade with the Boston Celtics, they have a long history of going after stars who fail to live up to their expectations.

Now, he has real motivation in the tank, as the Houston Rockets control what’s to come. They have a shooting star inside Michael Bridgesand Lillard publicly admitted that he would love to have the opportunity to work with him in the future.

The Blazers could return the favor to their superstar, trading him, Kevin Knox II, and Keon Johnson in exchange for Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie, But Thomas, Day’Ron Sharpeone unprotected pick, one first-round trade, and two second-round picks.

That would give the Blazers potential star Cam Thomas, who has shown great potential as a three-point shooter and lead scorer, and several pieces they could look to for more money, such as Dinwiddie and Harris.

1. Heat

And finally, among all that Damian Lillard can trade in 2023, the Blazers can reach right now from the Miami Heat, mainly because it is where Lillard likes, and it is good that they do well with him. he has organized them.

In this hypothetical situation, Lillard is Jusuf Nurkic will go to South Beach on an exchange Tyler Hero, Kyle Lowryand Nikola Jovictwo first-round draft picks, and two unprotected picks in 2027 and 2029.

This is a very good situation for them because Tyler Herro has a better form than all the players mentioned above. In addition, there is a chance that Nikola Jovic will be a great player, and Kyle Lowry should be a key player in the draft.

All rebuilding teams need to collect as many picks as possible, which makes this package very important. As for the Heat, they finally get the star they need around them Jimmy Butler to get over the hump and win another NBA Championship.

There is no guarantee of sale

However, all this talk will be for naught unless Lillard makes it known that he wants to be traded. He always laughs his way out and then meets with the front office to confirm his commitment to stay and succeed with the organization.

Honestly, this is getting boring and borderline. Lillard and the Blazers are holding each other down, because there is no way they can compete with their current roster, and they can’t completely rebuild for the duration of their time there.

At the end of the day, it looks like the Blazers will have to pull the plug and trade him against the offer, or they will have to pay off the loan and ask for a trade after vowing not to run away and pursue it. Call elsewhere. Until then, it will all be wishful thinking and nothing more.


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