CRM Flow: The Ultimate Small Business Guide

Customer relationship management tools can perform a variety of functions. Below, I’ve outlined the tasks that small businesses use automation for.

Sales Process

CRM workflow automation can dramatically improve and streamline your sales process.

For example, these automations can improve customer service and reduce customer interaction.

Additionally, sales systems can send payment reminders and personalized messages and filter out dead leads.

Email Letters

Automation tools can send pre-made emails to new customers who join your list.

In addition, these channels can send marketing emails and collect data on the customer for future offers and newsletters.


If someone signs up for your newsletter, they only get your “how to” guide.

Forward Scoring

Lead generation simply gives your customers a value on a scale of 0 to 100.

In addition, lead generation channels take action every time a customer moves through the entire sales process, alerting salespeople to the next opportunity.

Drip Marketing

Independent marketing campaigns send emails to your customers that aim to encourage leads and lead them down the sales funnel.

Drip campaigns use email marketing that allows marketers to adjust their traffic based on customer activity.

Email campaigns can also help filter prospects and help improve scoring.

The Leading Generation

Workflows can also help generate leads.

For example, lead generation workflows automatically identify customers as potential leads based on your company’s call to action.

Guidance Notes

Automated CRM software can notify sales managers when leads entered into your database meet criteria.

As a result, you can create a flow that encourages sales teams to follow through.

In addition, workflows can alert your sales team to important changes in customer accounts or when they need to follow up.

Account Management

Workflow can also help with account management tasks.

For example, you can create channels that automatically send notifications when customer contracts are about to expire.

Therefore, your team can improve customer retention rates and work more efficiently because you don’t have to send these reminders manually.


One of the best features of CRM software is that it produces in-depth reports.

Using automation, your CRM can generate and send these reports to the appropriate team members.

Creating reports is one of the most time consuming activities in business. And a work management system can help your team work better in this regard.

Call prices

Call logging ensures that you follow up on missed calls from customers.

These processes automate the process of unanswered orders, ensuring that your company provides the best possible customer service.

Customer service

Finally, you can use automation to provide better customer service.

These designs can perform the following functions:

  • Send customer support emails
  • List customers who need to be followed up
  • Alert sales teams when it’s time to follow up
  • Close other support tickets

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