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MOSCOW: Traffic jams on the single bridge that connects it Russia in Moscow – included Crimea and it serves as the main supply chain for the Kremlin’s military forces and Ukraine It stopped on Monday after part of the building was blown up, killing a couple and injuring their daughter. Rail traffic across the 19-kilometer Kerch Bridge also stopped but resumed after six hours.
The strike was carried out by two Ukrainian naval aircraft, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee said.
The Ukrainian authorities were ready to take responsibility, as they had done before. But in what appears to be a secret confession, Ukrainian Security Service Spokesman Artem Degtyarenko said in a statement that his organization will reveal the details of how the “bang” was set up after Ukraine won the war.
The attack was the second major attack on the bridge since October, when a car bomb blew up two of its sections.
A video posted by online channel Crimea 24 showed part of the bridge tilted and dangling, but there was no indication that any part had fallen into the water.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin told reporters that authorities are conducting a detailed assessment of the damage before determining how long it will take to repair it.
The Kerch Bridge is a prominent symbol of Moscow’s claim on Crimea and its strategic location on the island, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The USD 3.6 billion bridge is the longest in Europe and is vital to support Russian forces in southern Ukraine. . during the war that lasted for about 17 months.
Russia has increased its presence in Crimea since it invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Periodic vandalism and other attacks against Russian troops and other locations on the island have occurred since the Kremlin blamed Ukraine.
The attack on the bridge comes as the Ukrainian army is trying to push back against several frontline units. It also happened a few hours ago that Russia, as expected, announced that it has suspended the agreement made with a United Nations and Turkey allowing the export of Ukrainian grain during the war.
Kyiv initially denied responsibility for last October’s bridge bombing, but Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar admitted earlier this month that Ukraine had taken steps to destroy Russian weapons.
At the time of the attack, Moscow called it a terrorist attack and vowed to take action to protect civilians in Ukraine. It looked at Ukraine’s power grid this winter.
Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s deputy head of the Security Council, returned to the topic on Monday, calling the Ukrainian government a “terrorist group.”
“We have to blow up their houses and the houses of their relatives, search them and get rid of those who have them,” he said.
The governor of Russia’s Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said the attack killed a family in the region, where their daughter was hospitalized with serious injuries.
Russian officials said the attack did not affect the piers but damaged the facilities in one of the two lanes. The damage appeared to be much less than what happened in October which took months to repair.
Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military intelligence department, refused to comment on Monday about the incident, but said: “The island is used by the Russians as a major transit point for energy and goods in the territory of Ukraine. The operational difficulties are an additional challenge for those who he lives in it.”
The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine sent an updated version of the popular song, which was changed to say that the bridge “fell asleep again.”


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