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On July 19th, President Trump’s lawyer filed an amended motion to block Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the Georgia witch hunt in Fulton County. The change was made to a July 13 petition for writs of mandamus and a restraining order that would prove violations of President Trump’s rights.

In the change of requestPresident Trump’s lawyers allege that District Attorney Fani Willis used her position to investigate President Trump to raise campaign funds and gain followers on Twitter.

In the past, Trump’s lawyers had recommended that the District Attorney be disqualified, but the special purpose of the judge had been terminated at the time and Willis said “it is”unexpectedly.” But now, the campaign’s issues are front and center as the impeachment hearings took place last week and Willis has made it clear that he wants President Trump to speak.

President Trump’s attorneys testified that “the individual district attorney retweeted solicitations to supporters and campaign contributions who expressed his opposition to the investigation.” As a result, “his followers [grew] 100 (from a few thousand to a hundred) in a few days” and “his campaign got most of his 2022 donations thanks to those efforts.

In 2022, his campaign disclosure report showed he received 737 donations, 533 about what”came in the days before he repeated his request for donations by his supporters for the investigation, which the Petitioner (Trump) highlighted in his first statement.

Also, among the contributions, Only 8% were from Georgia while the remaining 92% came from other countries 45. Very good for the District Representative of one district.

Attorney’s for Trump also released a political cartoon in which Willis misrepresented President Trump:

In addition, he also posted political cartoons that portrayed the Petitioner negatively. For the Public Prosecutor to ask himself for contributions and his supporters based on the prosecution or investigation of the person named, especially if it increases the criticism of the accused, is a clear evidence of conflict. The District Attorney’s desire to raise money for re-election motivates him to go after the Appellant more than he otherwise would.

In the past, Mr. Willis has held fundraisers for (President Trump)’s (Joe Biden) opponent, which has caused real controversy. The donor was examined by the Judge according to CNN.

The District Attorney works under the real conflict in the high courts of justice. A Supreme Court judge previously found that the District Attorney had financial resources. a political activist caused a real controversy. The reason, “There
[was] the biggest risk that… [her] service to a third party [would] wealth and waste” his duty to seek justice impartially in the case following this request. Characteristics of Ga. R. Expert 1.7(a). It had it’s enough to disqualify him under Young.

Nothing to see here: The District Attorney just admitted that he wants to impeach the former president and Republican front-runner when making money for his political opponent.

Are you lying? Banana Republic…Kangaroo Court…Stalin’s USSR…take your pick.

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