Christian ‘King’ Combs Releases ‘C3’ EP, Music Video

Christian “King” Combs is set to take over the summer heat with his latest EP, ‘C3.’ Additionally, the 25-year-old rapper is giving The Shade Room viewers an exclusive look at his new music video, “Flyest In The City.”

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More About Christian Combs’ Latest EP Release, C3

Christian “King” Combs has released his second EP, ‘C3,’ in association with Bad Boy Entertainment. The project features four tracks that include a guest appearance from the Brooklyn-bred rapper AmazingRae Sremmurd’s Swae Leeand City Girls’ The Miami one.

Earlier this week, the rapper took to Instagram to share his gratitude with fans as he announced his upcoming project. Combs shared a video featuring important moments from her life. The video also featured a candid interview from Combs, who talked about his childhood dream of becoming a rapper.

“All my life I wanted to be a rapper. All I wanted was to be seen, noticed, celebrated… Make a crowd dance. Make my mom proud. Make my family proud. Follow my dreams…”

The rapper went on to explain that throughout his journey, “a lot of people hated him” before giving him a chance. Now, he is asking people to listen with “open ears,” as he is confident that the ‘C3’ has “three ears.”

In addition, the rapper continued his thoughts in the comments of the post.

“Thank you for the unwavering love and support that made C3, my second EP, possible. Countless hours of hard work poured into these songs. My fans, family, and everyone else, you are my inspiration! This is just the beginning!! They can’t stop and never stop. ForeverKP.”

King Combs Talks What Fans Would Like To Get Off His Latest EP

In an exclusive press release, Christian “King” Combs also shared what he’d like fans to take away from this EP ahead of his full album. He explained that the project shows his “different sides” as an artist.

In addition, he gave fans an insight into each song in the project and his excitement”continue the legacy of Bad Boy Entertainment. “

“C3 is the summer 3 pack before I get into my full album. I put a lot of work into this to show you different sides of me as an artist. ‘Flyest in the City’ is about getting up and flying. ‘Fatal Attraction’ is about a summer night on the Pacific Coast Highway to ‘Move’ to get out there and go. I’m excited to share this pack with the world and it’s an honor to continue the legacy of Bad Boy Entertainment.”

‘C3′ arrives after Combs’ number one release, “Can’t Stop it doesn’t stop,” showrunners Is it Black?. The song, which is based on “Crush On You” by the Bad Boy collaborator It’s Kim, has garnered more than 21 million views on YouTube and “40 million-plus streams.” In addition, Mr. Combs has collaborated with the likes of Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor, The value of the US Dollaretc.

Download ‘C3’ Here and check out an exclusive preview of “Flyest In The City” below!

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