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Section 14 of Real Housewives of New York City it started with his debut on July 16, and within the first few minutes, viewers were treated to a semi-group event and a delicious drama. Friends Sai De Silva, Brynn Whitfield and Thanks Jessel they met at a gig at Sai’s brownstone in Brooklyn. Jessel’s mother joined them so she could watch Sai and Jessel’s children – that way, the women could sneak behind the house and discuss what had happened recently.

Meanwhile, another part of town – in Washington Square Park to be exact – Erin Dana Lichy and Change Hassan met to discuss the same event. Erin said she’s still “feeling salty” about it all, as she recently revealed that she tried to plan a date for a group dinner at a restaurant. “It was very last minute,” so they chose a restaurant that would not only get the size of their group, but also the availability. “This restaurant used to be very hot in New York,” but Sai and Brynn didn’t think so. He “gave up a group dinner” because of this, and two days later, he posted on Instagram that he was at Casa Cipriani (another of his favorite restaurants) that night. “It was painful” and “disgusting”, Erin told Uba. Erin also explained that it would have been better if Sai and Brynn were honest about what they were doing, but Erin only found out about the Casa Cipriani exit because of a picture that Sai and Brynn posted on Instagram. And it had happened that Sai and Brynn canceled Erin’s dinner reservation because they were “too tired”.

Back at Sai’s, Brynn explains that she paid for Erin’s meal because she “won’t be caught dead” at the restaurant Erin made a reservation for. And Brynn just said she was “tired” because she didn’t know how to say how she felt without sounding arrogant. Jessel and Brynn joked that the restaurant Erin chose felt very “2005 or 2006” and only “D-list models” would go there. “The Olive Garden is beautiful,” Brynn said. “They have great bakery! Bakery – it blows.”

But that’s not all – during Brynn and Sai’s dinner, Brynn tells Sai that Erin needs to distance herself from Sai because Sai “grossed” her during one of Erin’s meetings two weeks ago. Brynn explained that “he must have said, Sai asked, ‘What is that?’ [about a charcuterie board at Erin’s]”, and when Sai hears that it is a board full of cheese, he says, “Oh… do you eat cheese? It’s amazing.” Sai said he never said anything bad about cheese – in fact, he said he was often seen with a “mouth full of cheese” at meetings. And as we later learned, Erin wasn’t mad at Sai for making cheese. So did Brynn make it all up for drama? Either way, the ladies clashed within the first few minutes of the episode, so if Brynn wanted to make a drama, it was working.

Later in this section, Jenna Lyons invited the whole group to his house for snacks and drinks – and yes, they had a lot of cheese. They also made fondue. Jenna they asked everyone to wear “khaki and black”, but none of these women had any khaki, so most of them just wore black.

However, when the group started to arrive, Sai admitted to Erin that he skipped his restaurant because he didn’t want to go to the restaurant that Erin had chosen. He took “full responsibility” for this, and Erin praised Sai for being “genuine and honest” in his decision to post bail. According to Erin, Brynn is not as straight as Sai, that’s why she had a big problem with Brynn then she did with Sai.

Brynn was the last to arrive at the former J.Crew executive’s house and it’s because she was “scared” and knew she was going to “get in trouble” for what she did to Erin. Jenna tried to break the ice with a game of “two truths and a lie”, but the conversation returned to the issues between the group. Sai wanted to know why Erin wasn’t happy with him for what he did on the charcuterie board, but Erin said she wasn’t mad about the cheese. He accused Brynn of lying to Sai about the whole thing. Then, Erin starts going after Brynn for leaving her dinner and making a story to please Sai. Brynn said she heard what she heard, but Erin said her interpretation of events was incorrect.

The women were upset with Erin and Brynn for prolonging their argument about cheese, so they took their conversation to Jenna’s bedroom where they discussed it in private. And that’s when Brynn admitted that she made up some of what she said. Brynn said she cut it to meet Sai, and he, too, “became amazing” with Erin. But in the end they apologized to each other and agreed to “move on” in the past. We couldn’t believe that these women stopped talking about sex to talk about cheese – even Jenna didn’t understand – but that’s what happened.

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