Canadian Smog Returns to Northern Plains and Upper Midwest as National Weather Service News Air Quality Alerts | The Gateway Pundit | and Shawn Bradley Witzemann

Map from providing air quality consulting throughout North America.

The National Weather Service has released air quality data from the Northern Plains to the Upper Midwest as smoke from the wildfires in Canada is re-entering the United States.

Like was previously reported by The Gateway PunditMany Americans are worried about the toxic fumes and what effect this incinerator will have on creating such a hot summer.

But while opposing national views continue to grapple with the causes, the consequences are clear with millions of Americans suffering from shortness of breath.

Like it was reported by CBSThe US EPA’s AirNow website has rated the air in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Des Moines as “unhealthy” since the beginning. Sunday afternoon. In Omaha and Cincinnati, the fresh air was considered unhealthy for the critical groups. “

Several major cities are currently reporting poor visibility as thick fog descends across much of the United States.

According to ESPN writer Ryan McGee, Nashville now resembles a scene from a desert world in a galaxy far, far away.

So, while interesting memes and speculative ideas are making a resurgence in Canada, it seems that widespread air pollution warnings are part of the news in most of America.

And with more than 900 fires still burning in Canada, things aren’t going to change anytime soon.

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