Can you spot the drowning child in busy swimming pool before it’s too late? Watch as hero lifeguard leaps into action


THIS is the terrifying moment a child begins to drown in a crowded swimming pool before a quick-thinking lifeguard jumps in.

Footage from TikTok shows dozens of kids splashing around in the water before the shocking incident begins to unfold.


Can you spot the drowning child in this packed pool?Credit: @lifeguard tiktok
The hero lifeguard jumped in to save the struggling kid


The hero lifeguard jumped in to save the struggling kidCredit: @lifeguard tiktok

In the video, posted by Lifeguard Rescue, dozens of swimmers appear to be enjoying the dip before danger strikes.

The lifeguard can be seen perched on his chair as he carefully overlooks the packed pool.

But one young girl, who appears to be swimming peacefully on her from begins to thrash around in the water.

With so many people around, the lifeguard doesn’t spot the kid straight away, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

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As she turns his head away from the camera, he jumps out of his seat and runs down the poolside in front of the struggling child.

He throws himself into the pool and grabs the drowning kid while other swimmers watch on in shock.

The heroic lifeguard bravely pulls the child to the side of the pool as people gather round to offer their help.

At the end of the clip, the crowd can be seen lifting her out of the pool and returning her to the safety of dry land.

The post racked up a mega 3473 likes and over 60 comments from shocked viewers.

One wrote: “I once spotted my nephew from far away drowning. It is a scary experience because you must act fast to get to them. Thanks god I got there fast”.

Another said: “Great attention good job lifeguard”.

Did you manage to spot the drowning child before the hero lifeguard did?

In an eerily similar incident at the same pool, a lifeguard leaps to his feet after noticing a struggling child thrashing around in a huge pool.

Another clip aimed to show how easy it is to miss a youngster struggling in water while swimming in a public pool.

And in this horror footage, dozens of people can be seen relaxing in a pool before a lifeguard made a mad dash to rescue a drowning kid.

The child was swimming on the left side of the pool when they got into difficulty


The child was swimming on the left side of the pool when they got into difficultyCredit: @lifeguard tiktok


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