Brett Ratten claims Nick Riewoldt is only coming to St Kilda for “free physio” after dig ‘sub-par’, Ross Lyon, Saints changes.


Brett Ratten has been praised for its “enthusiastic” response to criticism from St Kilda hero Nick Riewoldt after what was seen as “embarrassing” was removed.

Ratten criticized the comments of Riewoldt, who claimed that standards at the club under the former Saints boss were “low”.

Essendon senior Matthew Lloyd and former AFL commentator Damian Barrett both defended Ratten’s comments

“I thought it was a very good response,” Barrett said on Nine’s Footy Classified Wednesday night.

“He was embarrassed by what this team (St Kilda) was doing.”

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Ratten, who is a longtime teacher North Melbournehe didn’t mince his words in response to Riewoldt, the former Saints captain.

“I can promise you now, the standards in this club (St Kilda) are gone,” Riewoldt said on the Footy Talk podcast.

Current coach of St Kilda Ross Lyon he returned to Linton Street and took over as Ratten in early 2023.

“They have improved this year,” Riewoldt said of the team’s performance in Lyon.

Ratten, who was kicked by the Saints in October despite signing a two-year contract extension a few months ago, was heard from on Wednesday.

“The only time (Riewoldt) came was free, that’s the only time he was at the club, so I don’t know where he saw that,” Ratten said.

“What can happen in walking clubs, and in life, information can be shared as (people) want.

“That’s his opinion, I can’t change it.”

Lloyd called Riewoldt’s commitment to Lyon, suggesting that it had interfered with Ratten’s time at Moorabbin.

“There’s one of the tightest relationships I’ve ever seen, Riewoldt and Ross Lyon,” Lloyd said. Footy Classified.

“Poor Brett Ratten has fought this situation as hard as anyone could on his way out. Nine months later he took the man he believed responsible for it.”

It comes as North Melbourne announced the coach’s return date Alastair Clarkson Wednesday, confirming that he will take Ratten’s position in Round 21.

“I knew the whole time, I didn’t know when, but ‘Clarko’ was coming back,” Ratten said.

“I knew it was going to end and it’s only been a few weeks.

But the current coach has made the most of his short tenure, saying the positive feedback from North Melbourne will make his exit easier.

“I didn’t get a chance last time to say goodbye (to St Kilda) and this is a good chance to just enjoy the last few weeks,” he said.

North Melbourne take on former Ratten team St Kilda on Sunday at Marvel Stadium.

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