Any bombshells from Miss America Secrets

In the series, Mallory is Sam’s former assistant Brent Adams remember falling for each other in 2013 when the beauty queen came to Oxford, Miss., to visit the Haskell family.

She didn’t reveal it publicly until Mallory gave her crown to another winner, and she says she thinks Sam would be happy with the news when she found out. But when Brent told Sam, he says, “his response was less than positive.”

Brent says Sam threatened to fire him several times if he didn’t stop dating Mallory. (She says she didn’t tell Mallory about what her boss did because she and Sam seem to have a good relationship.)

But, Brent continues, “[Sam]she would say these things, she was a whore, or like a bad person, or whatever, I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ It was about control. He controls everything and everyone in his life. And if you go against him, you are cut off.

Mallory says she eventually broke up with Brent in 2014 because he continued to work for Sam.

“I chose,” he says. “The decision was that I didn’t want to continue being in a relationship with someone who wasn’t standing up for me.”

Brent says he felt “trapped” working for Sam, worries he’ll never get another job in LA and isn’t sure quitting will help Mallory at all. To this day, she says, “I still don’t know what Sam’s problem was with us dating.”

She later quit over Christmas 2014 because, she recalls, Sam would have been angry that Brent and Mallory had continued to text each other, even though they were no longer together.

Oh! News has reached out to Mr. Haskell for clarification on what was said on the list but has yet to hear back.

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