A shocking theory about why Titan shut down is being revealed… as experts blame poor design

AN expert has revealed that the near-missing spaceship Titan may be due to poor design and cracks in the hull.

Brits Hamish Harding, Shahzada David and his son Suleman Dawood both died on the boat on June 18 – along with Stockton RushThe CEO of OceanGate, is Paul-Henri Nargeolet.


The destroyed portion of OceanGate was last seen in JuneCredit: AP
Underwater organs have also been found


Underwater organs have also been foundCredit: AP

Now the possible cause of the sub-implocation under the Atlantic Ocean is small cracks.

Rush came up with a unique sub design, hoping it would be a new standard for the industry.

But experts compared Titan to Alvin – a US government research unit that has completed more than 4,500 dives since 1973 without incident.

Alvin was made of titanium, while Titan was made of carbon fiber, which is cheaper and lighter than titanium, but not as strong.

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Dr Jasper Graham-Jones, of Plymouth University, he told The Sun It is possible that the cracks caused the destruction of the Titan ship.

Describing the large window in the courtyard, he said: “Cracks would have formed.

“They may not be visible at first, but they start to grow a little each time before they become confused and incapacitated.”

Dr Graham-Jones explained that following the rescue of the accident, researchers will begin to look at the cause of accidents in places where cracks are often found.

Oftentimes, he said, this would be in the ship’s communications and where the most flexibility occurs.

But certain patterns of cracks in a vessel and their location can reveal what went wrong – and when.

Dr Graham-Jones said: “The crack can be brittle, or ductile, and related to fatigue and weakness.

“By looking under an electron microscope, you can see the fatigue and determine the speed and direction of the cracks.”

Experts told the New York Times that the way the ship was dragged out to sea could have also damaged the ship and caused the deadly explosion.

Alvin travels on a dedicated ship with winches, hangars and machine shop – and a huge crane puts it in the sea.

Arnie Weissmann, editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly, took a tour of OceanGate in May – using the Polar Prince’s own mother.

He said: “I thought the section and the towers were shaking a lot.”

The OceanGate section disappeared with less than five passengers aboard two hours in its descent to the disaster of the Titanic.

Investigators have since watched the ship with interest in the Atlantic lost communication with only 96 hours of live support.

The sub failed to restart – with its last “ping” to Polar Prince put the sub directly on top of the ruins.

Travelers Mr Harding paid £200,000 for the trip with businessman Dawood, 48, and his son Suleman, 19, a. student at Glasgow University.

They were led by Rusu, 61is a former French explorer Henri Nargeolet77.

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Debris – including the landing gear and tail – was lifted 3,800m from the seabed after it was found near the wreck of the Titanic.

Hamish Harding was also on the ship


Hamish Harding was also on the shipCredit: AP
Commander Paul-Henri Nargeolet died on board


Commander Paul-Henri Nargeolet died on boardCredit: AP
Stockton Rush was the CEO of OceanGate Expeditions


Stockton Rush was the CEO of OceanGate ExpeditionsCredit: AP
Researchers point to the cause of the problem


Researchers are pointing to the cause of the problemCredit: Reuters
Debris has been recovered from the ship and brought to Newfoundland


Debris has been recovered from the ship and brought to NewfoundlandCredit: AP
Shahzada Dawood, 58, and his 19-year-old son Suleman were on board


Shahzada Dawood, 58, and his 19-year-old son Suleman were on board

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