A new trailer delves into the world of Peacock’s Twisted Metal

It’s been 10 years since there was a new game in Sony’s Twisted Metal franchise, but Peacock is about to bring back PlayStation gamers and new fans to its post-apocalyptic vehicular battle. Later this month, live events Twisted Metal series will make its debut. And in the newly released trailer, Anthony Mackie’s John Doe walks viewers through the CliffsNotes of recent world history. The short version is that all the major cities are walled up, and the pirates are left to fend for themselves. But some people, like Yohane, live a good life carrying goods from one city to another.

Please note, this trailer contains NSFW dialogue, so you may want to use headphones if you’re watching this in front of anyone who shouldn’t be listening.

Twisted Metal [Explicit] | | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

As seen in the trailer, a woman named Raven (Neve Campbell) has offered John the job of a lifetime if he completes a special delivery for her. The final word of the agreement was not mentioned in the trailer, but in the game, John competes to find out who it is, and this may be what he is driving now. Along the way, John is briefly kidnapped by Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz), a mysterious woman who can’t seem to speak.

However, John’s biggest problem is that his journey will pass through the ruins of Las Vegas, and that is the part of Sweet Teeth. The villain is portrayed by a wrestler known as Samoa Joe, but Will Arnett provides his voice. Sweet Tooth isn’t everyone’s friend, but she can be a good friend if John finds something he has in common with.

Thomas Haden Church also stars in the series as Agent Stone, with Richard Cabral as Loud, Tahj Vaughans as Mike, Mike Mitchell as Stu, and Lou Beatty Jr. like Tommy.

Michael Jonathan Smith founded it Twisted Metal series, which will begin Peacock on July 27.

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