A hotel used as a top Russian brass bombed by British Storm Shadow snipers including a senior commander


A luxury hotel used to decorate Russia’s top brass has been bombed by a British Storm Shadow missile – killing officials including Putin’s top brass.

The explosion killed the Lieutenant-General Oleg Tsokovthe deputy commander of Russia’s Southern Military District said he “knows himself to Vladimir Putin.”


Lieutenant-General Oleg Tsokov was killed in the explosionCredit: East2West
The Dune Hotel used to decorate Russia's top brass has been blown up by a British Storm Shadow missile.


The Dune Hotel used to decorate Russia’s top brass has been blown up by a British Storm Shadow missile.Credit: East2West

Storm Shadow cruise missiles took out the entire hotel swimming pool along with the command post Russia of taking 58 soldiers.

The Dune Hotel in the Azov Sea Resort Berdiansk “beloved” by Russian top brass was razed to the ground and bodies were still being removed from the rubble yesterday.

Photographs taken before the start of the war show the hotel’s prime location on the beach and its pool before it was captured by the enemy elite.

A Ukrainian A source said yesterday: “The building was indeed demolished and now the debris is being sorted out.

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“A lot of ambulances go there.”

A local source added: “many” Russian soldiers were killed and wounded.

The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov said: “The Dune Hotel in Berdyansk was on fire… many Russian soldiers and one general have been burned at work.

“Russian journalists have already confirmed the death of Oleg Tsokov, who ordered the bombing in Ukraine.”

It is not known whether the 51-year-old Tsokov was killed at the nearby army hotel.

Pictures taken shortly after the explosion show a mushroom cloud rising above the ruins of the building – the latest in a series of Storm Shadow reports.

The 620mph air-launched jets have a range of 320km and can be programmed to fly in various zigzags before coming in for the kill.

Tsokov – allowed to invite civilians to Ukraine in December 2022 – is one of the top twelve. Putin The military commanders have lost so far during the The war in Ukraine.

A video showed the general speaking to Putin at an event held in Kremlin in 2021, praising the dictator for his “extreme caution” in boosting Russia’s military.


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