A holiday alert on hidden charges you may face when eating out

Holidaymakers have been given an urgent warning about hidden charges they could face when eating out.

Posting under the username ‘Sara’ TikToka visitor to Florence, Italyhe explained in detail how he and his friends were surprised by the extra money.


Holidaymakers have been warned of extra costs abroad
Hidden fees can be expensive for Brits in places like Italy


Hidden fees can be expensive for Brits in places like ItalyCredit: TikTok

Sharing photos from her trip abroad, the video begins by showing Sarah and her friends sitting down in front of the famous Palazzo Vecchio.

He then revealed: “When you sit down at your first restaurant Florence and they charge you €20 per table.”

And the proud visitor added with a laugh: “No wonder they were so happy when we sat down.”

So what exactly was this extra money?

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Italian culture it means that things often happen differently there and you may end up paying more than you expected your bill to come.

The word “coperto” or “coperta” – which means closed in Italian – is a fixed cover that is given to each person sitting at your table.

It is the same whether you order one or four courses.

And while not every Italian restaurant charges a tip, many do.

Brits may be surprised to see an extra two or four euros added to the check per person – but, you’re not fooled.

However, as Sara found out, sometimes these fees can be very expensive depending on where you eat.

TikTokers were quick to take to the comment section and share their thoughts on the matter.

One said: “The mistake would be to sit in front of the Palazzo Vecchio.”

While another said: “I would recommend not eating or drinking palazzo vecchio LOL they always multiply sm.

“I paid 15€ for a bad spritz day.”

“If there is a crime table, don’t tip over it. It usually makes it better,” wrote a third.

A fourth advised: “Just check the list of “coperta” before you stay.”

Guests should check the tree before sitting down, especially if you are in a large party and move away if necessary.

You can avoid the “coperto” by eating in a common area with long tables and no chairs.

Alternatively you can take your food to go and sit on the beach or steps nearby.

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It comes after a simple mistake can costing you £100 on your European holiday this summer.

Meanwhile, Holidaymakers are warned to avoid making mistakes which can add hundreds to the cost of their vacation.

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