A bushfire has broken out on a Greek holiday island as tourists are evacuated from resorts amid a 42C Charon heatwave.

Terrified tourists are being evacuated from their hotels as wildfires rage across a Greek island during Europe’s 42C heatwave Charon.

The massive fire broke out in Rhodes forcing hundreds to flee after it burned “endlessly” through a pine forest in the center of the island.


A great fire broke out on the island of RhodesCredit: Facebook/Forecast Weather Greece
Firefighters battled through the night to contain the blaze as three villages were forced to evacuate


Firefighters battled through the night to contain the blaze as three villages were forced to evacuateCredit: Facebook/Forecast Weather Greece
The fire went through the pine forest in the center of the island


The fire went through the pine forest in the center of the islandCredit: Reuters

At least three villages and a hotel were put on alert by the Fire Service.

The fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon in the Apollona area and continues to spread across the island today until it reaches its center.

Officials say the fire “got out of control” and has already burned through acres of land.

A team of 103 firefighters, water jets, and four choppers have been fighting the fire from three sides.

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Authorities ordered the evacuation of the villages of Eleousa, Salakos, Dimilia, and Mount Profitis Ilias, where the Elafos hotel is located.

Local official Stergios Aggouras told Greek media that the fire had been fueled by strong winds, adding that there had not been “such a disaster on the island in many years.”

It comes as Greece is fighting wildfires that broke out as the country was hit by extreme heat during a temperature which has swept southern Europe.

Wildfire continued for the third day near the capital destroying forests and house when the world prepares for a new one temperature.

Where is the fire? started in the village of Kouvaras Monday – 30 kilometers from Athens- sent hundreds fleeing.

Water bombs also went off in the towns of Mandra, and Loutraki, while firefighters worked through the night to contain the flames.

The flames continued to grow as the winds kept changing, and thick smoke spread across the region, state broadcaster ERT TV said.

The authorities ordered the evacuation of three areas, and told people to go to the town of Megara.

The four flights sent from Italy are France agreed with them today, officials said.

Firefighters across the country are inspired by workers from Romania, Poland and Slovakiahave been deployed to help fight the fire.

Tens of house were burned and hundreds were forced to flee the flames that burned villages on Tuesday.

The Greek meteorological service has warned of a severe fire risk this week, as the country recovers from the first fire. temperature cha summer. Again temperature it was predicted to start on Thursday.

“Things have gotten worse, and will probably stay that way for another week,” said Kostas Tsigas, head of the fire department. GreeceSKAI TV.

Are you near one of the hot spots? Email alikikraterou@thesun.co.uk or WhatsApp 07741005808 if you have any information.

In the south Europeforecasters have predicted that temperatures could exceed 46C.

Meteorologists have announced that 2023 is the year of El Niño – a natural phenomenon that occurs around the world and causes changes in the global climate.

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization has said that it will increase the temperature around the world, and the effects may last throughout the year.

The current temperature is for a weather a system from North Africa – an anticyclone called “Charon”.

Charon means a figure from ancient Greek mythology – and it follows on the heels of another season’s hottest star, Cerberus, which caused some heat last week.

Holidaymakers and residents across the Mediterranean are being warned avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as the mercury rises in countries including ItalySpain, France and Greece.

France He said today the mercury is expected to exceed 40C in the southern parts of the country, including the Mediterranean holiday island of Corsica.

In the Canary Islands, about 400 firefighters battled a blaze that has destroyed 3,500 hectares of forest and forced 4,000 people to evacuate, and authorities are warning people to stay warm. face masks outside for good ventilation.

Some parts of Spain He also observed the highest temperature in which three areas are on alert.

Meanwhile, freezing temperatures in Italy have led to a 25% increase in the number of people in emergency units after dehydration or fever, according to The Republic.

The mercury in Rome hit 41.8C as tourists visiting the Colosseum were seen collapsing.

At least three people are believed to be dead in Italy last week.

The severe weather killed a 44-year-old boy a person who fainted while painting a zebra crossing Milan to 40c.

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He ran to it hospital but he could not be saved.

And two brothers, aged six and seven, died after jumping into a reservoir in Manfredonia in southern Italy, allegedly trying to cool off.

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