6sense CMO Latané Conant on What ABX Really Means [Video]

It’s time to tell the market, “It’s not you. I am.” Like, really.

Expanding a go-to-markand strategy it is not an easy thing. But if you’re planning to blame the market for your failure, you’ve got it all wrong.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Latané Conant, Chief Market Officer of 6sense, to learn about all things. account-based marketing (ABM) and account-based transactions (ABX). Latané discusses what she learned from her first job, why ABX is improving the customer experience, what marketing strategies companies can use now, and more. Too many, we can’t fit them all here!

To see the full interview, watch the video below:

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Motivational questions

What is your favorite drink? Ranch water.

When do you have fun? I find myself enjoying it by the sea.

What was your first job? My first job was lifeguarding, then I taught swimming lessons and coached the swim team.

What are your favorite apps for your current technology? My favorite apps here, well, obviously, are 6 points. We have a very good partnership with a company called Top and this has helped us grow our digital marketing and campaigns. I have also really enjoyed working with them. We are also using an object called Author Helping us grow the blog and get more information about everything we do.

What problems at work make you want to throw your laptop out the window? Sometimes I feel that Slack can be an anti-creative tool. It causes a lot of stress because I have my own Slack channel, and I have the CMO Coffee Talk Slack channel, which I love. Also, I have my work email, and I have Gmail, and I have stuff for the kids. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat, like I dropped a ball? Did someone send me something? Where was it sent? Did I answer? There is so much coming at you all the time.

Deep dives with Latané Conant

Alexandra Vazquez: Let’s dive into your role in particular: what does ABM mean to you? How would you describe it in terms of how it relates to ABX?

Latané Conant: I think it’s all the same. I boil it all down to: the ABM/ABX account-based approach is about the entire company looking for the most successful accounts and contacts. It’s all about your strategy. It’s about understanding your ideal customer profile.

I see a lot of people wasting their precious sales time and their precious marketing time on accounts that don’t convert, accounts that aren’t ready to buy, or accounts that aren’t right for them. The most important thing for ABM is good information and a good knowledge of why it is a good account, why it is the right communication, and the right time.

You talk a lot about this process in your book, No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls. You talk about this different approach to account-based marketing: account-based activities. Why do you think this approach is better and improves customer experience?

Ultimately, as a seller or supplier, you want to have a good relationship with the customer, and a good relationship is about adding value and being relevant. It is very difficult to be relevant and add value to a prospect or future customer if you do not have good information about them.

Why are they a good prospect for you? Is there a suitable lesson? Have you made someone like them successful? What kind of technology are they on? What other things are they buying that help you understand their pain or need? What kind of things are they looking for? Have they come to your website?

You can be this wonderful guide by helping them along the way. The only way to do that today is through greater awareness.


Visitors to the site will fill out a form.

Source: 6 points

97% of visitors come to your website without filling out a form. So we have to have a way of building relationships with the other 97%.

We can learn the winning strategies, we can see what messages resonate, we can see what brings someone back, and we can see what important people are eating. This makes us the go-to guide for the prospect or customer. Big awareness is very powerful in sales and marketing teams.

You’re changing the mindset, what are the things you can do for companies that want to take this on customer growth arrive for a long time?

The first step is to know who is on your website. I know it sounds very important, but most companies don’t even know the other 97%, and it’s illegal. Make sure you understand that behavior. It’s important.

The second is to make sure your message is heard. So when looking for those top keywords, focus on what you want to be able to replicate the results.

Then, it’s about prioritizing. How do you ensure your best interests? customer profile What is your best reputation in the market and who spends most of your money, time, and effort? That’s what performance means, right? You will get the best success rates if you focus on the best customers and the best customers in the market.

It might be hard to say, no, we’re going to work on a few accounts, but we’re going to work hard on them. It takes a lot of action on each level to progress. What you can do is spread yourself too thin and use a lot of accounts but don’t activate any accounts and just waste a lot. No one likes to lose a lot.

Many companies may not see ABX as an approach or approach. How useful do you think it is for a company to convert to ABX?

It’s very helpful because, for me, it’s another part. It covers this purpose to get the most out of every visitor to the site. You get the most out of your content because you’re planning on what you know works. Many people think of this as adding something else entirely. I feel like taking everything you do and making sure it’s very efficient and refined.

Today, we have to do more with less. What is this medicine? How do we do this? For me, it’s just working smart and using that information to help you move to market.

As consumers become more selective, business leaders must deal with the pressure to provide not only practical value, but value that the consumer can see and feel. What strategies would you recommend?

Marketing is a very important part of the job. So every time there is a change in the market, you need to reassess where your buyers are. Do we meet at the market in the right place? Are we talking about the right problem today, because of this change in the market? Are we really looking at the right travel, given this changing market?

That’s the most important thing: make sure you have the right medicine. If the market doesn’t understand or if it doesn’t match what the market needs right now, you won’t sell the product.

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