6 Revelations of Sitara by Namrata Shirodkar, from the beginning to Mahesh Babu’s performance in his first commercial.


Mahesh BabuSitara’s daughter is in the news after her first commercial. The young star became the ambassador of the jewelery brand and attended the launch event today in Hyderabad. She also spoke to the media along with her mother Namrata Shirodkar and talked about a lot including her first salary, Mahesh Babu’s father’s debut, her debut, Gautam, and much more.

Sitara made the first payment

According to reports, the 11-year-old was paid Rs 1 crore for appearing in the advertisement. Although there is no confirmation of this, the star’s son revealed that he paid all his salary. Sitara said she donated all the money to charity.

Mahesh Babu was emotional after seeing his daughter’s commercial

Mahesh Babu is very proud of his daughter’s achievements as her commercial was also displayed in Times Square, New York. During a press conference, Sitara shared that her Mahesh Babu was very moved after seeing him in the advertisement and she went on to watch the movie several times.

Sitara reveals that she wants to be an actress

Like A veil she is a famous child of a star and a daughter of a superstar, fans and everyone have high hopes for her appearance. When he was asked if he wanted to act and he immediately replied “yes, yes, yes, I am”. However, the youngster added that she has a long time to become an actress and is doing these promotions in between her studies.

Namrata also encouraged Sitara’s interest in the sport and added, “We as parents have always encouraged our children. We will let them do whatever they want with their careers. We will be there to help them”.

The superstar’s wife also shared that she is doing the right thing by letting Sitara enter the film industry which has several misconceptions. He said: “People often don’t understand the film industry very well.” With the right guidance and support, the film industry is a great place. “

About Gautam’s debut

Namrata Shirodkar he also opened up about the origins of his son Gautam. The veteran actor said, “Gautam wants to complete his studies first and then think about his entry into Tollywood.” Mahesh Babu also started his journey as a child actor by acting in his father Krishna’s films.

About Sitara Ghattamaneni

Sitara Ghattamaneni entered a new league when she became the first child to appear in New York’s Times Square with an ad for Jewellery. She became the face of a famous jewelry brand. He became the only person who carried advertisements at a young age. The star kid filmed the commercials on a massive scale for three days

Sitara has already started preparing to become an artist. She takes dance classes and often shares videos of songs like Saranga Dhariya, Nagada Dhol, etc. These videos have been watched by millions. The girl also shows off her acting skills by doing reels on Instagram.

In 2019, Sitara lent her voice to Baby Elsa in the Telugu version of the English fantasy film Frozen 2. Mahesh Babu is also seen supporting his little girl for her big debut. She featured alongside her father Mahesh Babu in Penny’s dance music video Sarkaru Vaari Paata. She also appeared on a dance reality show with her father as a guest.

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