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If you’re a B2B marketer or retailer, you know that building customer trust doesn’t happen overnight.

But when done right, with the right strategy and mindset, it has the potential to drive real business results that are worth selling. What is this IBM it’s doing – and we’re proud that G2 is able to support this, in partnership with Jill Cross, VP of Global Demand Gen Strategy, and her team.

Last month, I was happy to take the stage at Forrester B2B Conference in Austin, TX, with Jill to discuss the IBM process and what she’s learned along the way.

As shared in our session, marketers and retailers must start by building consumer trust through customer experience and providing an engaging experience. In the end, Jill noted, it’s all about the market – and customer stories are important to the consumers in the market.

That’s the glow you need.

The results of the comments on the end-to-end journey

For IBM, what started as a relationship with G2 coordinate product reviews, has evolved into a long-term partnership that focuses on customer experience, market demand, and market awareness. One comment on G2 can affect several different groups.

At IBM, it promotes the salesperson in the field, the prospecting specialist, marketing, sales marketing, content marketing, competitive strategy, and the list goes on. They are always thinking about how to do it review the content it can be integrated into social media, eBooks, and marketing materials, and supported by business representatives (BDRs) in drip campaigns.

Although IBM starts with a review of the analysis, it does not end there. They connect the voice of the customer through marketing and digital marketing campaigns. They provide business power to create customer satisfaction. And, they take customer advocacy as they use feedback to influence their marketing strategy and identify their target audience.

IBM has received reviews as business-oriented software – not smart software.

5 taken from IBM’s VP of Global Demand Gen Strategy

While there have been many lessons learned through IBM’s work on driving business through the voice of the customer, Jill shared the following as her top five:

  1. Representation where customers are. Consider engaging from the top down and expanding your reach beyond our traditional channels. Show where your customers are starting their search.
  2. Leads are an automatic process, not an important KPI. There are different metrics to be measured at all stages of the journey; e.g.: review of growth, product adoption, industry specific indicators, objective signshow the product team is using feedback, and more.
  3. Promote review programs and review sites. They all provide value and can support your goals in different ways.
  4. Make sure you win fast, then use your entire profile. For vendors with multiple products – especially large enterprises like IBM – start small before deploying to your entire organization.
  5. Look big to see the forest through the trees. Going beyond macro-level management strategies is critical to success.

For IBM, the proof is in the pudding: G2 is IBM’s largest source of information outside of its website, and saw nearly $20M in impact pipelines in Q1 alone this year!

If you’re looking to expand the voice of your customers and make data-driven decisions to grow your business, IBM’s case is worth standing up for. Remember to keep in mind Jill’s take and receive an integrated approach that includes news, information, and content in each dating section.

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