2023 Final – Limerick v Kilkenny : Preview, Live Scores & Teams



Limerick vs. Kilkenny: All-Ireland Hurling Final 2023

The 2023 GAA All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship has reached its peak, and the Liam MacCarthy Cup will find its new home in an epic clash between defending champions Limerick and formidable Kilkenny. Taking place on Sunday at Croke Park, the show promises to be an exciting display of talent, determination, and tradition. Limerick are looking to make history as only the third team to complete four straight, while Kilkenny are looking for their 37th crown. Let’s take a look at the paths each team took to reach the final and take a look at their exciting rivalry.

Can Limerick complete four All-Ireland Finals in a row

Administration of Limerick:

Limerick enter the final with a unique record, looking to join the ranks of clubs that have won four consecutive All-Ireland titles. Under the guidance of their former manager, John Kiely, they have been impressive, taking five positions in the last six years. The defenders are eager to write their names in the history books for another important victory.

Pathways to the Final

Limerick Tour:
Limerick’s road to the final has been filled with fierce battles and incredible displays of skill. Let’s see their amazing journey in the competition:

– Limerick 1-18 Waterford 0-19 (Munster ’round robin’)
– Clare 1-24 Limerick 2-20 (Munster ’round robin’)
– Limerick 0-25 Tipperary 0-25 (Munster ’round robin’)
– Limerick 3-25 Cork 1-30 (Munster ’round robin’)
– Limerick 1-23 Clare 1-22 (Munster final)
– Limerick 2-24 Galway 1-18 (All-Ireland semi-final)

Throughout the tournament, Limerick showed their prowess in scoring, with Aaron Gillane leading the way with impressive figures of 3-42. The team’s hard work has seen them reach the final, with exceptional goal-scoring ability and good play.

## The determination of Kilkenny

Follow Kilkenny:
Kilkenny, a team steeped in history, are determined to reclaim the All-Ireland title. Their last victory was in 2015, and now, under the leadership of Derek Lyng, they are aiming for their 37th crown. Kilkenny have had a commendable run throughout the competition, showing their unwavering spirit and determination.

Championship Meetings and Competitions

Main Competition:
Limerick and Kilkenny have a great rivalry, having met fifteen times in the competition. Kilkenny have won nine times, while Limerick have won six. The two sides met in the last All-Ireland final, Limerick winning five compared to Kilkenny’s four.

In recent years, the rivalry between Limerick and Kilkenny has grown, with exciting encounters leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Last year’s All-Ireland final saw Limerick win by 1-31 to 2-26, and this year’s Allianz League final further cemented Limerick’s dominance, winning 2-20 to 0-15.

Most Valuable Players and Top Scorers

Limerick’s Offensive skills:
Limerick have a group of talented players who consistently perform well. Here are Limerick’s top scorers in the competition:

1. Aaron Gillane – 3-42 (0-29 off)
2. Diarmuid Byrnes – 1-19 (0-13 frees, 1-0 pen)
3. Seamus Flanagan – 4-9
4. Tom Morrissey – 0-17 (0-1 free)
5. Cathal O’Neill – 1-10
6. Geróid Hegarty – 0-8
7. Peter Casey – 0-6

Kilkenny’s Offensive Threat

Important Sponsors:
Kilkenny have a formidable army, led by the likes of:

1. TJ Reid – 2-66 (0-47 frees, 0-6 ’65s’, 0-1 s/l)
2. John Cody – 4-21
3. Martin Keoghan – 5-9
4. Adrian Mullen – 0-15
5. Tom Phelan – 1-9
6. Billy Ryan – 0-10
7. Walter Walsh – 1-5

Referee is the final decision

Decorating Champions:
The final will be overseen by Wicklow’s John Keenan, who becomes the first Wicklow man to manage an All-Ireland competition in decades. Keenan’s presence on the court adds even more importance to the highly anticipated clash.

As Limerick and Kilkenny prepare to battle it out for the title, the stage is set for an exciting encounter that will captivate the fans and add another glorious chapter to their All-Ireland winning record. Both teams have the talent, determination, and hunger to win that will undoubtedly make this a show to remember.

Kilkenny v Limerick first teams

We will have teams on Thursday evening

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