10 times Biden criticized Americans, the media


President Joe Biden”s aid says that when a military commander scolds one of his employees, it can be a sign of respect.

According to an Axios report revealing “Biden’s secret anger“aiders are describing the president’s outburst as “an internal rite of passage.”

Axios reported that Mr. Biden likes to shout and swear according to what the supporters are saying about their boss.

Some aides told the site that they are sometimes afraid to meet with Biden in person. Current assistants reportedly scolded people in the office, “God forbid, don’t you f— know this?” – from here!”

Not to worry, because some Biden supporters think his short appearance is meant to reassure voters that the 80-year-old is “not removed” or “too old to be in office,” according to the article.

To say that Biden’s outbursts reflect a “difficult picture of Biden as a manager,” the article says his aides say that “yelling at the president has become an internal ritual in the White House … if Biden doesn’t yell at you, it could be a sign of disrespect.”

If Axios is reporting on The way to run Biden That’s right, the president has shown great respect for the American people and the media—in an unconventional way.

The Daily Signal has compiled 10 examples of Biden’s “honor” on display as follows:

1. Hot Mic Expletive

Hot footage captured Biden calling a reporter a “stupid son of an ab–” in January 2022 when a Fox News reporter asked a question about inflation leading to abortion. The president appeared to be unaware that the microphone was still on and recorded his remarks to the audience.

2. They Call Someone ‘Fat’ and ‘A Liar’

Candidate Biden, who said in December 2020 that he decided to run for president because he “knows more than most people do,” also shared this pain with an Iowa voter who called him “fat” and who questioned his inappropriateness. his son, Hunter:

“You want to see my face?” Let’s do push ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want, let’s take an IQ test.”

“Speak your voice, Jack!”

“You’re such a liar, man!”

3. ‘You’re full of S—’

This was Biden’s response to a truck worker who accused him of trying to end the Second Amendment in March 2020. The heated exchange lasted for about two minutes as Biden raised his voice to threaten the worker.

4. Shouting ‘No’ at the Reporter

A CNN video from June 28, 2023, shows the President being grilled by reporters about what he knows about his son. Hunter’s involvement with China. Biden, frustrated by the immediate questioning, shouted “no” to a reporter who asked if he was involved.

5. ‘Go Back And Read What I Said’

When a reporter in January 2022 asked Biden about words After the president compared those who oppose his electoral reforms to racism, Mr. Biden cut him off, saying, “Come and read what I said.”

When the reporter started talking again, Mr. Biden cut him off, saying, “This is an interesting read for English. I think you got into journalism because you like to write.”

6. ‘What the Hell Do You Always Do?’

The president yelled this at a reporter who asked a question that was not on the list of questions already approved for June 2021. The reporter pushed back and continued to ask Mr. Biden why he was so confident. Russian President Vladimir Putin changed his behavior, although he did not complain about the violation of human rights he committed, Biden responded, “If you don’t understand this, you are in the wrong business.”

7. ‘Lying, the Horseman Facing the Dog’

When a 21-year-old college student asked if then-presidential nominee Joe Biden would not do well in the Iowa caucuses in February 2020, he asked if he had ever attended a caucus. When he answered “yes,” Biden called him a “lying dog soldier.”

8. ‘Go Vote Someone’

The former Iowa Democratic candidate spoke to Mr. Biden at a January 2020 event, trying to get a photo with his rival. He told Mr. Biden that he would support him in the general election, but probably not in the primary, because he thinks the president made a mistake in building and replacing the pipeline. Biden didn’t do well with this, as he told her, “You should go vote for someone else,” while pushing her away.

9. The Big Boy

A reporter asked Mr. Biden on June 15, 2023, why Hunter Biden’s old business a friend called Joe Biden a “great man.” Instead of answering the question, Mr. Biden responded by asking, “Why are you asking such a dumb question?”

10. ‘Give Me a Rest, Man’

The president hesitated to ask about dealing with China on Feb. 16, 2023, telling reporters to rest him. Then he left without answering any more questions, and said, “Come to my office so you can ask me a question when you are with respectable people.”

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