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DEAL NEWS – XTool is currently offering up to 60% off of a variety of their laser engraver tools. During this sale which runs through 11/24/2023, you can save on the following devices:

xTool S1

Mike reviewed the Xtool S1 laser engraver and had this to say about it.

I really like the xTool S1. The speed is fabulous for what I do, and the machine is so much quieter than the M1, P2, and Glowforge. With all of the other machines that are going in my office all day long, the quiet operation of the S1 is a welcomed feature. For my production work, the lack of a camera did not affect my abilities, but it could be a factor for some people. xTool has really made some great improvements in this new laser.

Where to buy: xtool.com
Price: $2199.99
Save: $150, CODE: XTCUT150
Final price: $2049.00

xTool F1


The xTool F1 is a portable laser engraver that can go anywhere. Take it to a craft fair. Take it from your workshop to the garage. It goes where you go.

Where to buy: xtool.com
Price: $1519.00
Save: $80, CODE: XTCUT80
Final price:

xTool P2

Mike reviewed the xTool P2 laser engraver and here’s what he had to say about it.

Overall, the xTool P2 Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter is a fabulous machine. The innovative features not only make tasks easier but also make previously impossible projects possible. The close-up camera is a real game-changer, as well as the curved surface engraving. xTool is constantly updating and improving its software with frequent updates. This laser is everything I’ve wanted in a laser. The time savings of a powerful laser like this make it possible to start a laser engraving side business.

Where to buy: xtool.com
Price: $4499.00
Save: $250, CODE: XTCUT250
Final price:

xTool D1 Pro

Alex reviewed the xTool D1 Pro and here were his final thoughts on it.

The xTool D1 Pro laser engraver and cutter is a very cool machine that has a ton of capability and can be customized to tackle more as you need it to. If your goal is to engrave, cut, and make projects for sale, I believe that this would pay for itself pretty quickly and might just be the workhorse you’re looking for. The main recommendations would be to pick up the enclosure for ventilation and a full-size aluminum plate to protect whatever surface you set it on.

Where to buy: xtool.com
Price: $1199.99
Save: $80, CODE: XTCUT80
Final price:

xTool M1

Mike also reviewed the xTool M1 laser engraver and this is what he had to say about it:

Overall I’ve enjoyed my xTool M1, but I’ve also grown to really like xTool as a company. Their products are high quality, and they have an active YouTube channel with live streams and how-to videos. Compared to other enclosed lasers on the market, the M1 stands strong when considering the price point. I’m already looking forward to my next xTool laser!

Where to buy: xtool.com
Price: $999.00
Save: $80, CODE: XTCUT80
Final price:

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