‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Jackie Bonds Reveals Split From Josh Demas

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 has lost its first post-show couple! Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas, who linked after Jackie broke off her engagement to Marshall Glaze, have split.

Jackie recently revealed the news on Instagram Live during a get-ready-with-me (GRWM) moment. One circulating clip from the live session shows Bonds admitting that she’s not over the split.

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“Instead of ignoring it, like I was told by [Josh]. I ended up having a conversation with [Monica] and then that’s the reason we broke up. Still sick about it low-key, I loved that man,” Jackie said.

According to PEOPLE, Jackie said they broke up about two weeks after the Love Is Blind: After the Altar episodes aired on Netflix. The three-episode special began airing on Sept. 1.

Throughout the 40-minute episodes, fans of the series and season four got an update on the season’s married couples — and those who didn’t make it down the aisle. Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas included.

In their introductory clip, the estranged couple appeared to be on a date at a Ferris wheel, complete with champagne and cheese. Jackie discussed the last year being “hard,” especially considering the backlash she received online for her Marshall-to-Josh jump.

“I know I’m not the perfect person, but I didn’t expect to come in here and fall in love with somebody completely different than who I chose,” Jackie said in part one of the special. “My man is fine. I don’t care what y’all say about his lil’ cauliflower-broccoli ears. That’s fine, I be licking them every night.”

Shortly after, the former couple discussed getting their keys to their first apartment together. It’s now unclear if the couple ever fully moved in together.

In her Instagram Live session, Jackie Bonds said she tried to mend their relationship, even resorting to “begging.” However, Jackie said Demas wasn’t hearing it.

“I was like damn, I had all these life plans with you, and then you just…don’t even care,” Jackie Bonds added. “And I’m like that’s crazy, over a conversation with somebody that…it doesn’t matter. I tried to fix it, I tried to mend it. I did everything I could. And what’s crazy, looking back on these messages, I look like a begging a** b***h and what’s crazy, I ain’t never beg nobody to be with me. I ain’t never been on no weird shi*, to where I’m like ‘oh my god be with me, oh my god be with me.’ And like looking back on the messages, I’m like sick like throwing up to where it’s like how am I begging? Like that’s crazy, but it is what it is.”


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Here’s What Happened Between Monica Rodriguez & Josh Demas

So, where does Monica Rodriguez fit in? You’ll recall she was one of season four’s bachelorettes. In the last episode of the ‘After The Altar’ special, Monica popped into a S4 cast gathering.

Josh revealed on-camera that he had “mixed emotions” about seeing Monica, given their engagement in the pods. He said they remained friends after he confessed how he felt about Jackie, and the trio even hung out together in the last year. Jackie and Monica had built a close friendship during filming in the pods.

Meanwhile, Monica told other castmates that her decision to speak about their engagement publicly caused tension between Jackie and Josh. In a confessional, Jackie accused Monica of trying to be “messy” with the engagement TikToks and by allegedly contacting blogs — a claim Monica denied.

When the ladies finally spoke at the event, Rodriguez claimed to be there to fight for her friendship with Bonds. Monica asked Jackie to call Josh over, and things quickly went left. Josh accused Monica of trying to clout chase. Monica called Josh a “six-year-old” and a “horrible human being.”

The interaction led to Jackie and Josh’s early departure from the event. It’s unclear if the on-camera conversations caused the breakup or if Jackie and Monica connected on a separate occasion.

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But for those who didn’t catch the special, Jackie Bonds did make peace with her former fiancé before the drama with Monica. Jackie and Marshall Glaze stepped aside at the gathering and offered apologies both ways.

Glaze apologized for pressuring Jackie while struggling to let go, and Jackie apologized for their “messy” breakup. They even hugged it out at the end — expressing happiness for each other’s happiness.

This week, Marshall shared a recap video of him and his new girlfriend, Dr. Chay Barnes, enjoying the Washington State Fair. According to his caption, the couple “had a ball.”

Photos posted to Jackie’s Instagram Story in the last 24 hours also show her at the state fair.

As of Tuesday (Sept. 19), Josh Demas has not reacted to Jackie’s breakup reveal on his social platforms, and his Instagram profile was set to private.

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