I thought I bought a puppy but it was only later I realised it was a very different beast – I did think it looked funny

A MAN who thought he had bought a puppy received the shock of his life when he realised it was a different creature all together.

The owner was stunned to discover as the animal grew it became less canine like and began to develop a bushy tail and pointed ears.


A man was shocked to discover what he thought was a puppy soon turned into something very differentCredit: tiktok/@hookednhunted

It soon became clear that what was sold to the man as a puppy was in fact a bright orange and mischievous – looking fox cub.

The video of the cub – posted on Tiktok – was captioned “My funny looking dog” and showed the baby fox playing with the man’s finger.

The clip has been viewed more than 7,000 times and received mixed responses from viewers.

Some shared concern for the cub commenting: “Baby fox you good ?” whilst another said: “That mama fox is p****d about her baby”.

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But one viewer seemed jealous and fancied a cub of their own.

They said: “I want one where did you buy it?”

A third watcher was less than impressed and called the cute baby fox a “feral pest”.

This story could have taken a terrifying turn for the worst as according to Wildlife Online foxes can carry “a range of different parasites”.

These include a round worm which can cause nasty infections in humans, as well as the frightening rabies virus.

Despite this seeming an unlikely affair, its not the first time an owner has been left baffled as their animal turned into an unexpected creature.

Last week we told how a woman who took in a stray kitten was left stunned when it grew into a terrifying creature.

The “kitten” – named Luna – quickly became part of the her owner’s family and even befriended her dog before the shocking discovery was made.

It soon transpired Luna was not the adorable kitten she appeared to be, but was actually a black panther who was abandoned by her mum in a travelling zoo.

But even after her owner found out that she had welcomed a carnivorous cat into her home she decided to keep Luna as she had previous experience with big cats.

A similar situation occurred when a man who bought an adorable Husky-like puppy was baffled when it grew up into a different animal.

The owner discovered after a DNA test that his new dog was actually part predator and contained 39 per cent grey wolf.

The video of the fox cub was viewed by more than 7,000 people and received mixed responses


The video of the fox cub was viewed by more than 7,000 people and received mixed responsesCredit: tiktok/@hookednhunted

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