FieldPulse Review 2023: Best Software for Home Services?

Effectively managing clients is crucial to a thriving home service business.

Being able to manage customer records effectively can be the difference between success and failure (especially for service-based businesses).

Luckily, FieldPulse offers a seamless customer management system that has the power to revolutionize your business operations.

Let’s look at a specific example of a client I helped at my agency—a residential cleaning service owner—who scaled her business with FieldPulse.

In the past, she struggled with juggling multiple spreadsheets to keep track of her contacts.

In fact, she even lost customer data entirely on a few occasions.

However, since implementing FieldPulse, her contact management process has done a complete 180.

Gone are the days of extensive spreadsheets; now, she can focus more on what matters— delivering exceptional service.

Let’s look at how easy it was for her to add new contacts (shown below) with FieldPulse.

Within each contact card, she was able to add and manage the following information easily:

  • Customer Status
  • Account Type
  • Lead Source
  • Contact Information
  • Customer Address
  • Tags
  • Notes
  • Files

Having all this information in one place made it easy for her (and her team) to make sure all customer data was up-to-date and accurate.

She could also easily create custom fields for customers that required specific cleaning requirements, making it easier for her staff to keep up with customers’ needs.

Here’s a sneak peek into her customer dashboard while using FieldPulse.

FieldPulse Review - Contact Management

Our takeaway: FieldPulse’s powerful customer management system makes creating and storing contact cards (with all the details you need) a walk in the park.

This helps streamline processes, save time, and maintain accurate records for smoother operations.

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