Did Priyanka Chopra leave NYC restaurant Sona with Maneesh Goyal on not-so-good terms? Report gives insight into rumored feud

While the SAG-AFTRA strike has halted production on all projects, Priyanka Chopra has been enjoying some quality time with her family. The global superstar was filming for her upcoming action thriller Heads of State with Idris Elba and John Cena when the strike led to the filming of all major projects being stopped. Until it’s resolved, production remains halted, and actors cannot even promote their pre-filmed films or shows while the strike goes on.

Chopra has been using this time to enjoy it with her daughter Malti Chopra-Jonas and support her husband Nick Jonas while he is on tour. Meanwhile, earlier this year, the 41-year-old left her famed Indian restaurant Sona which was started in partnership with her friend Maneesh Goyal. While the official statements claimed the partnership ended on an amicable note, other reports claimed things were not so rosy. Here’s what we know about it.

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Did Priyanka Chopra leave Sona on not-so-good terms?

Sona was launched by Chopra and Goyal back in 2021 but this year the Citadel star stepped back from the joint venture. According to People, the official statement said, “Bringing Sona to life will invariably be a proud and significant moment in her career.” It further added that stepping away from Sona allows her to broaden her ambitions to bring Indian culture to the fore on a more global scale and that she’s excited about the possibilities that await.

Goyal called their partnership a “dream come true” and added that Sona has been grateful for her partnership and support even though she is no longer Sona’s creative partner anymore. Despite the statements, other reports claimed that things were not so amicable which led to the partnership’s fall-out. A recent report by Page Six has shed some light on the separate Diwali plans of Goyal and Chopra’s best friend and manager Anjula Acharia.

Priyanka Chopra’s bff Anjulia Acharia and Maneesh Goyal to host separate parties

Last year, Goyal and Acharia hosted a joint Diwali party at the Pierre Hotel, but this year there are no such plans, thus fueling rumors of things having gone sour between the three. While Acharia is hosting her bash at the Pierre again, Goyal will be hosting his own at the Mandarin Oriental. “It’s like, who’s going to Mom’s party and who’s going to Dad’s?” a source told the media portal. Chopra has been long-time friends with both of them.

Meanwhile, the portal reported that Goyal opened up about the separate parties being hosted this year but kept it very to the point. “I’m thrilled that after co-hosting with Ms. Acharia, the wonderful South Asian community is large and vibrant enough to warrant two events. I’m so looking forward to both events and the Diwali season ahead.” This year, the illustrious and popular Indian festival of Diwali will be held on November 12, 2023.

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