Best Free CRM 2023: Perfect for Small Businesses

Capsule CRM is fantastic for managing deals, leads, and opportunities.

Their intuitive sales pipeline management system makes creating and customizing multiple pipelines a breeze.

Let’s walk you through our experience of crafting a new pipeline called “Partnerships,” designed specifically to streamline our affiliate marketing partnerships.

The process was fairly straightforward: we navigated to the account management and sales pipelines sections and clicked “add a new pipeline.”

Best Free CRM - Capsule New Pipeline

From this point, we could customize each stage in the pipeline.

One feature that particularly impressed us was the possibility to assign a probability percentage for each stage (shown below).

Best Free CRM - Capsule Pipeline Customization

Here’s a snapshot of what our pipeline looked like after customizing and adding our partnerships.

Best Free CRM - Capsule Sales Pipeline

Once the deals were added, managing them was a cinch, thanks to the following customizable views:

Throughout our testing, we typically used the list view for the convenient progress bar indicating how far we had progressed in each stage.

Ultimately, Capsule CRM epitomizes effective pipeline management, solidifying its position as a top-tier, best-free CRM.

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