All costumes in Lies of P and how to get them

Not every Soulslike game has a character creator, but even when they do, it tends not to matter much when you will be covered up for the entirety of the game. Lies of P has you play as a set character, but you are free to dress up your puppet boy however you wish. The only hurdle is that you need to find and collect new costumes in order to wear them. Instead of having tons of individual components like pants, shirts, gloves, boots, and more, Lies of P sticks to simple outfits for your body and accessories that are all headwear such as masks, hats, and the like. These costumes are completely cosmetic, meaning they have no impact on your stats whatsoever, so you can feel free to wear your most outlandish outfits with no drawbacks. There are nearly 30 in all to fill your wardrobe with, so let’s go on a shopping spree and go over all the costumes in Lies of P and how to get them.

Every costume in Lies of P


We will start with the outfits, of which there are 18 to find, in alphabetical order. Note that there will be two outfits and three accessories that are preorder exclusive. As of the time of this writing, there is no other option to obtain these outfits but we will update this post should that change in the future.

You can change your outfit at any time by opening the Equipment menu and going to the Costume tab and selecting your Accessory and Outfit.

Alchemist’s Cape

This cape is given to you by Arlecchino once you reach the final Trinity Sanctum in the Arche Abbey Outer Wall.

Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel

You can find this outfit inside a safe inside the secret Hermit’s Cave beside the Barren Swamp Bridge.

Blue Blood’s Tailcoat

If you use a Trinity Key to open up the Workshop Union Culvert Trinity Sanctum, you can pick up this spiffy tailcoat.

Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel

You automatically get this outfit for beating the Mad Donkey enemy on the Alchemist Bridge.

Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel

Give the Crafter Cryptic Vessel to Venigni to get a series of clues. Once you solve them all, you will be led to a safe near the Elysion Boulevard stargazer with the outfit.

Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress

Automatically obtained by beating the boss Romeo, King of the Puppets.

Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel

Similar to the Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel, you need to give the Mechanical Crpyic Vessel to Venigni to go on a quest that leads you to the Wandering Merchant near the Abandoned Apartment stargazer.

Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel

Dropped by the Robber Weasel, who is found in the Krat Central Station Platform.

Someone’s Memory

Given to you after speaking to Antonia when you first reach Hotel Krat.

Survivor’s Hunting Apparel

Picked up from beating the Survivor in the Venigni Works Control Room.

The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel

Get more clues from Venigni by giving him the Jewled Crpyic Vessel. You will need to use the Check Ground gesture near a barrel down some stairs from the Cerasani Alley stargazer.

Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel

Found in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel inside a Trinity Sanctum, which requires a Trinity Key to access.

White Lady’s Hunting Clothes

After beating Laxasia The Complete, go to Rosa Isabelle Street and talk to Test Subject 826. Go down the nearby stairs and across the bridge to talk with them again to get the outfit.

Workshop Master’s Workwear

Use a Trinity Key to open the sanctum in the Krat Central Station to get this outfit.

Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes

This special outfit is only available to those who preordered Lies of P.

The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat

Once again, you had to have preordered the game to access this outfit.


A menu full of masks in Lies of P.

With the exception of one pair of glasses and a hat, all the Accessories are different masks that will completely cover your character’s head.

Black Cat’s Mask

Defeating Black Cat in the Arche Abbey Outer Wall will net you this mask.

Mad Donkey’s Mask

You also get the mask when you defeat Mad Donkey for the outfit to complete the set all at once.

Owl Doctor’s Mask

Bring down the Owl Doctor himself at the Barren Swamp for his mask.

Red Fox’s Mask

As you probably guessed, you need to take down the Red Fox at the Arch Abbey Upper Area to claim this mask.

Robber Weasel’s Mask

You get the mask at the same time as the outfit when beating the Robber Weasel.

Survivor’s Mask

Again, just beat the Survivor to get the entire set.

The Atoned Mask

You can find and beat the Atoned for his mask in Moonlight Town.

The White Lady’s Mask

Defeat The White Lady at Rose Isabelle Street to steal her mask.

Mischievous Puppet’s Parade Hat

Like the outfit, this is a preorder exclusive.

The Great Venigni’s Glasses

The only pair of glasses in the game are, of course, only available to those who preordered.

Parade Master’s Mask

The final mask is also locked as a preorder bonus.

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