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Zayn Malikthe person behind the words ZAYN, returned to music after a two-year hiatus. The 30-year-old singer has a new label, a new sound, and a new life, as shown in “Love Like This.” And in the new video, which dropped at midnight on July 21, he fell in love with a gorgeous blonde who looks like none other than his ex. Gigi Hadid. “The way you beat them with clothes and looks / And hips and hair like that / Raised me in areas, in areas / In areas, in areas like,” he rapped in a gay club. – the right way.

And the unstoppable beat had an incredibly romantic tone. “I don’t wanna waste time / You’re the cr-, you’re the crown / Everything’s on the line / But I’d be dead / If it meant a life without you, baby.”

Zayn continued to tease the song before its release. On June 29, he shared a video of himself looking relaxed on top of a house as the song played. A week later, he revealed the name of the song by posting a video of himself painting a wall with graffiti. He also posted a picture of himself embrace a woman who some thought he was Selena Gomez. Some promos revealed that it wasn’t Selena, even though some fans were hoping.

The slow production in the pieces harkened back to the drum and bass/UK garage/jungle of the 1990s. Sources close to the singer said Billboard in June that the song marks a departure from his past hits (with his singles “Pillowtalk” and “I Don’t Want to Live Forever.”)

The new music comes on the heels of Zayn changing his career by signing with Mercury Records. His first three songs – of 2016 My thoughts, 2018 about Icarus Falls, and 2021 No One Is Listening – released on RCA (Mercury Records is part of Universal Music Group, while RCA is owned by Sony Music Entertainment.) President of Mercury Records Tyler Arnold was happy that Zayn joined the list of history.

“As soon as ZAYN and I met, I knew we had to work together,” he said in his statement announcing the signing. “I was impressed with the new music but I was impressed with his vision, drive, and spirit. We are honored he and his team are joining us at Mercury Records. We are excited to share the next chapter of his story.”

Zayn (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

The new logo could be the applause Zayn needs. My Thoughts he made the first Zayn One way member to drop a solo single, and it looked like his career was on the way when “Pillowtalk” went to No. 1 in many countries, achieving 5x Platinum status in the US and double-Platinum in their native England. The second single, “As I Wished,” peaked at No. 55 pa Billboard Hot 100. The closest he came to the top of the charts was in 2016 when he collaborated with them. Taylor Swift of “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” from Fifty Shades Darker music.

No One Is Listening it was a brave duty to name the album because it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those two singles, “Better” and “Vibez,” failed to move the needle, and the LP has yet to pass the Gold certification mark.

In late 2021, Zayn recorded three songs – “Believe Me,” “Grimez,” and “41 11” – via Dropbox, based on the music for a new project called. Yellow Tape. The project saw Zayn rap for the first time, and he said it Simon Cowell, Kanye West, and Gigi Hadid. The rails were removed soon after they were shared.

In recent years, Zayn has been known for less of his music and more of his personal life. In October 2021, he promised “There is no competition” to several abuse cases Yolanda Hadidthe mother of Gigi Hadid (also ex/former and mother of his daughter, Hey.) Zayn and Yolanda got into an argument, and the singer admitted that there was “no contest,” which doesn’t amount to a lawsuit.

“In order to protect [my daughter], I agreed not to contest because of the argument I had with a relative of my friend who entered our house when my friend had left a few weeks ago, “said Zayn when he submitted the request. “This was a private matter and it should be private, but it seems, at the moment, there is a division, and although I am trying to bring back the family in peace so that I can raise my daughter in the right way, this has been happening. it was ‘leaked’ to the press.”

Zayn reportedly received a year of probation and was ordered to attend an anger management group and complete domestic violence, Billboard. Gigi and Zayne Share soon.

In March 2023, Zayn was engaged Selena Gomez when he was she saw him walking next to his assistant. However, in June, she unfollowed Zayn (along with Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadidand Zendaya on Instagram.) A he told the source PEOPLE that Selena “has no problem with anyone who doesn’t follow.”

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