Yung Miami Talks Video Of Kid Throwing Money At Dancers

Yung Miami is talking and talking about his 10-year-old son’s video. In the video, the rapper’s son is seen throwing money, pretending to be a dancer, in the crowd at Rolling Loud Miami.

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Twitter User Calls Out Yung Miami With Photos Of Her 10-Year-Old Son

The drama started on Monday when Yung Miami took to Twitter to respond to Ari Fletcher’s tweet about their last night.

Although Miami’s response was directed at Fletcher, a Twitter user, @iamronbm, joined the women’s exchange. In the user’s tweet, he included a video taken by City Girl rapper JT’s Instagram Story of Yung Miami’s son.

In the video, the child was seen throwing coins while in the Rolling Loud group. In addition, the film ended with a brief scene of the stripper at the festival.

Another user included a question aimed at Miami.

“Are you going to answer this or…”

Yung Miami Responds To Twitter User & Shoots Others In Solidarity

Yung Miami quickly saw the Twitter user’s response and shared his question with her.

“My son is singing loudly and having a ball in the back, let’s play!??”

In addition, the rapper took the time to explain why he does not post his son on social media.

“That’s why I don’t put my children so that all the women talk bad about me but I won’t give you a chance to have thoughts about my children! Idgaf”

Also protect yourself by responding to the Twitter user instead of ignoring it.

In addition, Yung Miami took time to correct a fan who mistakenly wrote that his son was six years old and criticized him for being “too late…

Social Media Reacts

JT then entered the comment section of the The Shade Room’s Instagram post to express his opinion in defense of his City Girl friends.

“HE’S DOING EDUCATION!!!!!!! You need to stop reaching! Uzi had a booby trap NOBODY caught him! He was happy and old enough to celebrate!”

In addition, another user, @iampersuasianhe called others out for being “poor” and “not satisfied” at all.

“Bruh these parents with PhD’s know all this is killing me. If they stopped sending their kids all together. They’re all going to be without their kids. You’re not satisfied at all. Sad people on this app”

However, another user, @derrickmcHe did not agree to protect the actions of the child and Miami’s opinion.

“No wonder a bull 💩 is accepted and condoned because he’s a celebrity you admire. Nowhere else in the world can you take a 10 year old kid and make him throw money in the air in a BIG guy’s air is cool. Another shining example of no accountability. Can you imagine if a male rapper took his daughter to the back and let men throw money at her??? Yes, that would be ridiculous lol.”

In addition, another user, @mouse_5he added.

“You. Be honest. If only a little girl would be exposed to undressing men and throw money…. How does this make you feel? Our child’s innocence must also be protected.”

JT Denies “Turning” With Yung Miami’s Son As Miami Shares His Final Words On The Story

Meanwhile, JT took to Twitter to explain that he and Miami’s son, Jai, “sing together every year.” In addition, he explained that it is his “favorite moment” because he connects with the 10-year-old and “comes.”

“Jai and I sing out loud together every year! This is my favorite time because I get to bond with him and go back! This was the best year I ever put a smile on his face!… I am an amazing auntie!

Yung Miami, undaunted by the media criticism, echoed JT’s comments and thanked his fellow rapper for spending time with his son. The rapper added that the day was “the best day” of his son’s life.


In addition, the rapper also entered the comment section of The Shade Room with some thoughts about the matter.

“You wish for a bad drama lmaooo jai had a blast with JT and had a good time 😂😂😂😂😂 my son is happy!”

Folks, what do you think of Yung Miami’s response to being criticized for what his 10-year-old son did on Rolling Loud?

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