Woman Shot Dead on Road After Husband ‘Chases’ Another Driver

Life in America. Life in Texas. Life under a corrupt Supreme Court.

While driving to work near Dallas Texas, a man got out of the car, the other driver opened fire and shot the man’s wife. In Texas, you can carry a loaded gun in your car without a permit. Texas leads the nation in street shootings.

Paola Nunez Linares was shot in the back of the head after her husband, Zane Jones, pulled over what she said was an abusive driver. His men said they were using the left lane to pass a slow moving car on the right, the slow driver started to ride their bumper and Zane flagged down the driver. The other driver replied and shot his wife in the head.

“Upon arrival, officers found a 37-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the head. The woman’s husband was at the scene and said he was driving their vehicle, a maroon 2017 KIA mini-van, north on East Loop 820 when he was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle. was in another vehicle and fired several times, and the woman was hit. The woman was taken to JPS Hospital by Hurst FD paramedics, where she was pronounced dead,” Hurst police said. words.

Her husband, Zane Jones, he said to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, “I want him caught, I want him charged, I want him in jail.” I want them to know that they didn’t just shoot the gun in the car, ‘The end.’ He killed a different person. He killed a man who fought so hard to be here, who loved my children, who loved me, a man who is making a life and career for himself. A person who has nothing to do with anything. The person who was on the way of the person who was angry with him. I want them to be destroyed. “

The shooter has not been arrested at the time of writing.

Texas ranks first in the nation for street shootings, according to a report by Jerry. It is followed by Florida and California (due to population). Just having a gun in the car increases the risk of aggressive driving, according to researchers. And of course, the simple presence of a gun can quickly escalate into a deadly encounter.

When you see the term “unlicensed carry”, it sounds more harmless than it is. What this means is that people without advanced training or a special license can now carry a loaded gun in their car. As anyone who has used a gun properly knows, using a gun safely requires training. For example, soldiers spend months training in weapons, and accidents still happen. Guns are not toys, but they are treated this way by the culture created by the NRA and Republicans who pose with their children holding guns in front of Christmas trees, as if weapons are a virtue symbolizing Christianity and power. They are not even. They are weapons of death and destruction, made for skilled men, trained to use them in battle.

Everytown for Gun Safety reported that in the 2022, “Someone is shot and injured or killed in a traffic accident about every 16 hours.” They point out that states with weak gun laws, such as those in the southern United States, “see the highest rates of victimization from street shootings, twice those of the Northeast.”

Texas goes into effect without a license in 2021. Everytown states that “states that are not licensed in 2022 have the highest rates of homicide due to injury or death.”

In addition, non-permitted states had “nearly three times the number of street shootings than states with stricter safety standards. Also, non-permitted states in 2022 had 27 percent more deaths and injuries in street violence involving firearms than states that require a permit.” but do not give law enforcement officers too much power to deny a request.

But think about it. The “Supreme Court” ruled in 2022 that states can no longer protect their citizens from the wild west guns that shoot on America’s streets when it banned states from requiring concealed carry permits. So guns have more rights than women in America, thanks to this bogus “court” enforcing their so-called “pro-life” laws from the bench. The court houses several conservative judges, who we recently learned are secretly funded by conservative billionaires and Nazi memorabilia collectors. These are not great people and they certainly do not rule from true moral beliefs or legal precedent, or else they would have a problem with their decisions that lead directly to the deaths of pregnant women and girls with guns.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand, in short, “After a driver dropped off a car near Dallas, the other driver opened fire and shot the man’s wife in the head. No one has been arrested. Illegal carry goes into effect in Texas in 2021; Texas has more traffic accidents than any other state. “

America, where your wife or child can be shot while driving to work, because gun manufacturers have control of Republican lawmakers and Republican Supreme Court justices.

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