Woman Says SKIMS Body Suit Saved Her Life After She Was Shot

A Missouri A woman has been diagnosed with the virus after she says Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS suit saved her life by stopping her bleeding after she was shot four times.

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Missouri Woman Goes Viral After Paying for SKIMS Bodysuit Saves Her Life

Angelina Wiley revealed that he was shot four times while waiting for a Lyft in Kansas City last New Year’s Eve.

He reportedly had a ruptured bladder that was repaired during surgery and a broken hip (which means he has to learn to walk with a walker for a while.

The bullet has been in his stomach, according to a GoFundMe created Wiley.

However, she says her injuries would have been worse had she not been wearing Kardashian’s skin-tight bodysuit.

Wiley shared this sad news with him about 15,000 times TikTok next in May. Today, his TikTok video about the event has over 1.5 million views as of this writing.

“Kim Kardashian saved my life. (The body suit) soaked me so much that it stopped me from bleeding,” she said one several TikTok videos. “I have to make it. It feels good to say this because it seems like a bad idea, but without (the SKIMS suit), (the bullet) would have hit differently…

“Call it fate or Jesus, but Imma call it Kim,” Wiley said. “No, but fr (really), thank you, Kim.”

Kim Retweeted Viral Video Claiming His SKIMS Products Stopped Shooting Victim

Meanwhile, Kim himself finally saw the 22-year-old virus.

The ‘Kardashians’ star also posted Wiley’s video on her An Instagram story This past week, I added a “wowww” along with a prayer hand emoji.

Several of Wiley’s fans have urged Kardashian to model for her for the SKIMS brand or send her new products.

“Okay, but you have to be a skims agent right away @SKIMS,” one commenter said one of Wiley’s TikTok videos. “Send her a new one for free pls, this girl can’t walk around a bullet hole in her skims,” ​​one wrote.

However, Wiley says he does not have SKIM’s drugs after investigators confiscated them for ongoing research.

“Researchers have my skims bc it’s part of the research, so I have 0 skims now 😭😭,” said Wiley.

Despite this, Wiley still says he will “buy again” SKIMS bodysuits. He added that he “must wear it every day.”

Friends Create GoFundMe For Wiley Following Shooting Earlier This Year

Meanwhile, friends are trying to raise money for him GoFundMe. The money will help cover medical expenses, the donor says.

The GoFundMe has raised $4,088 of the $6,500 goal as of Tuesday (Jul. 18).

In addition, Wiley has since gone to the platform to change supporters in his recovery.

“I’m still exercising and working on my health and the doctors. I’ve been through ups and downs where I’ve bounced, pulled, and rolled all over the place where I couldn’t walk. I’m still struggling with my hip from the time I broke it and a lot of other pain. The bullet that’s still there in me it causes random pain, and honestly I’ve been dealing with severe PTSD ever since the shooting…”

In addition, Wiley also took the time to thank those who donated to the campaign, as an injury during the New Year’s shooting has kept him out of action since then.

“It has been difficult to return to work regularly. This past year has been very difficult for me and has put me in financial trouble… Thank you so much for everyone who has been there for me during the difficult times of my life.”

SKIMS’ stylish apparel starts at around $58 and goes up to around $68 USD, according to Desire.

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