White House Strengthens Outreach Ahead of Biden’s ‘Basement Campaign’

Journalists have long struggled to find opportunities Joe Biden, a president who usually avoids sit-down interviews and unexpected press time. But new regulations from the administration have also disrupted access by imposing stricter rules on media coverage White House “It’s been difficult.” And if the press doesn’t do what the White House considers “professional,” they can be shown the door.

Compared to a temporary day pass, a hard pass is issued for one year and must be renewed every year. It allows the press constant access to the White House.

Reporters seeking a strong White House credential must receive “press approval from the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, or the Supreme Court,” the White House he said in May.

Legalization of DRM is a process that media outlets have found to be tedious and full of roadblocks. Houses of congress are governed by boards that are comprised of journalists based in history. And the Supreme Court has a a limited number of pass-holders (only 25 in the previous period).

The new rules were the result of coordination between the White House and the White House Correspondents’ Association, the The Daily Caller reported in May 2023. And the officers of the Correspondents’ Association for 2023-2024 are journalists based in history: Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News, Eugene Daniels of Politico, Weijia Jiang of CBS, and Sara Cook of CBS.

Fred Lucas, the Daily Signal’s chief reporter, will lose his “pass” to the White House in less than two weeks. (Photo: The Daily Signal)

The Correspondents’ Association selects a rotation of seats in the White House press briefing room, and since the room is small and some outlets are allowed to enter the room around, some outlets do not enter the room. Even if he does, he is not guaranteed to be invited by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

For journalists like Fred Lucas of the Daily Signalwho has covered the White House for the past 14 years, the new rules mean he can’t have a hard White House pass until he’s approved by congressional reporters or the Supreme Court — removing him from the event. room for an unknown period of time.

“Under the new policy, there is zero transparency from the White House about how many journalists are losing their sensitive papers,” Lucas said. “Furthermore, the administration has not given reasons for removing publications it deems non-compliant.”

The White House did not immediately disclose to The Daily Signal how many reporters are losing their critical passes.

And it’s unclear how long congressional approval will last for journalists like Lucas. For some, it’s clear that commercial or right-leaning outlets face a huge battle for information.

A a major GOP supporter who spoke anonymously emphasized to The Daily Signal that: “It is clear that the media is followed by different standards on the Hill.”

“That’s why,” said the assistant. “‘Boards’ created by leftists and mainstream media outlets regulate who has a profile or not. These boards vote on who has a profile or not. They don’t always follow the rules they are supposed to follow. No one seems to know the real rules for making a profile.”

A senior GOP aide added: “It’s dangerous and it won’t change until there’s full transparency throughout the reporting process and safe havens are guaranteed to be on the legal table.”

Amber Athey, Washington editor of The Spectator and author of “The Revolt of Snowflakes: How Millennials Helped Social Media,” doesn’t think it’s wrong to ask news outlets to get approval from Congress before asking for a strong White House clearance.

“But based on the White House’s view of the media, I think this is an excuse to shut down an unfriendly environment that can’t meet these new standards,” Athey, who has spent several years in the White House briefing room, told The Daily Signal.

“You’d think that a place like The Daily Signal, which has housed a White House correspondent for years, would either relax or be grandfathered in,” he said. “The White House also restricted access during the pandemic by investing in daily COVID-19 testing for media outlets, which was prohibitively expensive for small and independent outlets.”

Pushback From the Media

Playboy magazine editor Brian Karem sued former President Donald Trump’s administration later was suspended for 30 days in 2019 on a dangerous and old exchange Trumpet assistant Sebastian Gorka. Karem said the White House was trying to block its publication, and a federal judge overturned the White House’s decision that same year.

Karem told The Washington Post in May 2023 about the White House’s new rules: “If they’re trying to fire a reporter because they don’t like the question or they think yelling is rude, I’d just do it. Send them to [CNN White House reporter Jim] Acosta and Karem cases. He will lose.”

And his lawyer, Ted Boutrous Jr., also objected AcostaIn a lawsuit against the Trump administration, he called the new rules “vague.”

Playboy magazine writer Brian Karem argues with Trump aide Sebastian Gorka, as President Donald Trump speaks about the Rose Garden on July 11, 2019, at the White House. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“We fought against arbitrary suspensions of journalists issued by government officials, which also adopted vague conditions that could be misused to attack and punish journalists for aggressive or unsavory views and protect the White House from serious investigations,” Boutrous told the Post.

Simon Ateba is the chief White House correspondent for Today News Africa. He is a journalist who likes to hang out with Jean-Pierre and is criticized by some of his colleagues who ask him to know why he can call the liberal or mainstream media.

Ateba believes that the White House rules affect him: “How can a guy come from Africa and you have to change the rules because of him?” he asked in a May Twitter post.

And as the columnist Paul Bedard published in the Washington ExaminerAteba “must also lose his license because he was dating White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.”

“The Obama White House used the same tactics to get rid of the press,” Bedard said. “The Obama-Biden White House was heavily criticized by media experts for ignoring the First Amendment and its media policies.

In June 2022, Axios reporter Jonathan Swan called out Biden for “repeatedly refusing” to interview him, despite July 2020, an in-depth interview with Trump it made headlines and became the subject of internet memes. (Swan now works for The New York Times and did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

And Geoff Ingersoll, editor-in-chief of the Daily Caller, said Wednesday that the new rules are “part of a campaign to suppress the media and remove some conservatives.” [roll of reporters]” as administration prepares for Biden’s next presidential race.

“They’re planning another grassroots campaign,” Ingersoll told The Daily Signal.

Mr. Biden’s ability to fire the press may stem from the distant days of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Ben Williamson, a former communications adviser in Trump’s administration who was vice president.

Williamson criticized Mr. Biden for hiding from the American people, telling The Daily Signal on Wednesday that: “By acknowledging the Biden campaign, COVID-19 created a one-time force that allowed Joe Biden to gain credit for doing what he does best: staying at home and with a light plan. They won’t have that chance in 2024. Voters want to see the president work, face the media, and get their votes — and Mr. Biden has never shown the ability to do that.”

“Without COVID hiding,” he added, “the opportunity to campaign against someone like Donald Trump is holding two, three, four meetings a day. The Biden presidency will not be remembered.”

When the Biden administration took office, press secretary Jen Psaki promised that the supervisors “It will bring justice and fairness to the government” and promised to “share the truth, even if it is hard to hear.” But Psaki, the woman who promised this, is now hosting a show on MSNBC where she criticizes Trump, showing that she is waking up to war. is a right-wing plotand they despise the parentage Mother of Freedom.

The Daily Signal also spoke to a former Trump White House press secretary who said that former White House secretaries Psaki and Jean-Pierre “prioritized audio media, which sit in the front seats of the White House briefing room, to the detriment of mass media outlets, which occupy seats in the back of the room.”

“It’s disgusting that the Biden White House should brag about being with the press every day and going out of their way to avoid difficult questions as much as possible,” the former assistant press secretary added.

Lawmakers have spoken

Meanwhile, lawmakers have openly expressed anger that the Daily Signal’s Lucas will lose his strong White House credentials after years in the White House.

“Typically, the Biden White House asks Big Tech to watch interested parties, but it seems they’re taking matters into their own hands,” he said. he said Sen. Republican Ted Cruz.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul insulted the White House, to say“The Biden White House may not know who brought in the cocaine, but they can see and dispose of an unsuspecting member of the press.”

It’s Housing Committee Chairman Jim Jordan he emphasized, “Shouldn’t every journalist be angry about this?” Better to say otherwise.”

Rob Bluey contributed to this report.

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