What Prince Harry Doesn’t Know About America

The signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 ushered in a new era with the successful abolition of the deaf under King George III.

With the ratification of the US Constitution in 1788, America’s new attempt at self-government began. This document established the policy of the US government, its institutions and the rights of its citizens.

Today, Prince Harry of the United Kingdom does not understand this, apparently. We’ll get to that shortly.

The founders of the Constitution were strongly influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment, including the power of human agency, the importance of individual freedom, the importance of religious freedom, the establishment of a just society, and the primacy of the pursuit of truth. They created a system of government that, first of all, will not interfere with the development of these virtues.

Therefore, “American” values ​​include individual freedom in the pursuit of happiness, respect for the equal rights of others, limited government created by the consent of the rulers, a fair system of rewards, and the pursuit of truth as a social norm. .

Today, each of these principles, along with the system they follow, is under strong attack by powerful criminals who are abhorrent to them.

These disturbances appear to be driven by one of two primary factors.

The first is as old as humanity itself: the satisfaction of basic human desires. These include, in particular, the accumulation of wealth, the use of power, and the indulgence of emotional pleasures (and, ideally, all three at the same time). This group includes the so-called Globalist Elite who see a strong US driven by American values ​​as a hindrance to its insatiable appetite for wealth, power, and materialism without consequences.

The second group is driven by theory. These are the disciples of Karl Marx and fellow travelers who believe that when a group comes to power, that group will use its power to organize all institutions in a way that ensures that group’s progress.

This includes legal institutions, government agencies, culture, language, and even common sense. This closure of the “system” is so opposed to change, so the story goes, that the only way to end the oppressed is to completely destroy the institutions.

Marxist values ​​include limited freedom in the pursuit of justice, unequal freedom in the pursuit of diversity, unlimited government created with the consent of the oppressed, a system of rewards through ideas about inclusion, and a rejection of the same concept of truth. .

Note that, although these two types may be compatible in their interests in the US, it is surprising that one person cannot. honestly to be both. That is, one cannot be a wealth-and power-adding hedonist while, at the same time, fully accepting Marxist values. Or so it seems.

However, here we are faced with the puzzling story of Prince Harry, a descendant of King George III himself. Following the prince attack on the British Commonwealth, he turned to American tyranny.

This is confusing because, on the one hand, Harry, the Duke of Sussex, enjoys all the privileges of the world. However, on the other hand, he enthusiastically accepts the anti-American attitudes of Marxists.

It’s hard to imagine how Harry deals with internal conflicts without blowing a gasket – like the “main computer” in Part 2 Part 24 of the original “Star Trek” TV show, which self-destructed when Kirk described it as a sound problem. Perhaps focusing on the common denominator in both groups, the US, is enough to keep Harry together.

Alternatively, the answer may lie in the belief that there is no absolute truth. After all, Kirk’s AI opponent was hard to follow. The logical demands of Marxist theory are very specific.

The first show is Prince’s excellent biography “Spare,” a classic example of the latest genre in which knowledge is “fixed” and “experience” takes precedence over logical, fact-based arguments.

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“Spare” is to be disturbed it’s a historical error and honestly fake claims, such as recognizing Harry as the X7 great grandson of Henry VI.

Harry also writes about his contempt for history, recalling a visit to the Royal Burial Ground at Frogmore with his father, now King Charles III:

A student of history, [Pa] I had a lot to share, and part of me thought we could be there for hours, and at the end there might be a test. Mercifully, he stopped, and we continued.

Harry was not interested in more lessons from his history teacher, known as Mr. Hughes-Games:

So it came as a surprise to me when I realized that Mr. Hughes-Games believed me to be an oddball. What could be more surprising, he said to me the other day, than a British prince who doesn’t know British history? …It wasn’t just that I didn’t know anything about my family history. I didn’t want to know anything.

Once the selfish problem is solved, all other anti-American values ​​can follow.

For example, Harry clearly ignores the rules, as evidenced by the use of drugs in passages like the following:

I was doing cocaine at the time. At someone’s country house, on a shooting weekend, they gave me a line, and I’ve done a few more since then.

Or his disregard for the truth, as evidenced by his reluctance to produce his US visa papers.

Or his indifference to human dignity, as demonstrated by his macabre discussion of the massacres in Afghanistan, including:

I can always tell how many enemies I killed. And I felt it was important not to be ashamed of that number. … So, my number: Twenty-five.

Or his failure to understand democracy, which US Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, tweeted: “Love to be taught about democracy is a true prince.”

However, one wonders at Harry’s ability to move forward as the embodiment of two incompatible cultures.

Am I just looking crazy at the popular animus thing? Is that a bold rejection of logic?

A British writer named Alexander Larman it shows that the answer is that Prince Harry, 38, “is more stupid than we think.”

We want to think that he can learn well.

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