US Soldier Flees To North Korea After Punishment

An American soldier known as Travis King.DMZ).

Although King’s role is unclear, here’s a list of what’s going on.

Soldier Flees To North Korea Instead Of Returning To Texas

According to AP newswhich happened on Tuesday (Jul. 18), and came down after King was released from a two-month prison sentence. South Korea.

BBC news it is said that the soldier had a record of fighting around Seoul, which led to his imprisonment. After being released earlier this month, he was placed under military supervision and scheduled to return to Fort Bliss, Texas.

However, as officials took him to Incheon International Airport, King joined a group of 43 tourists visiting the village on the border of North and South Korea, AP news reports.

A foreigner from New Zealand named Sarah Leslie he recalled seeing King suddenly start running “very fast” toward North Korea, though he didn’t know he was serious.

“At first I thought he had a friend who was taking pictures of him in some kind of silly or silly way, like TikTok, the dumbest thing you can do. But then I heard one of the soldiers yell, ‘Get that guy. …I didn’t think anyone would want to do that.'”

Despite the efforts of the American and South Korean forces, Travis King quickly went to North Korea.

US Officials, Family, & Experts Discuss Travis King Situation

In response to this, the Secretary of Defense of the US Lloyd Austin discovered that, as the investigation continued, authorities knew Travis King “intentionally and without permission crossed the military border.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre He added that the US is currently “dealing with Sweden and South Korea” and working to “find out what happened.” He added that “what worries them the most” is “certainty about his life.”

The soldier’s family, his mother—Claudine Gates– he told ABC news, “I don’t see Travis doing anything like that.” She said she wanted “him to come home.”

Grandpa King, Carl Gatesexpressed similar sentiments and questioned whether King was “sane,” AP News reported.

“I think right now he might have a problem or something. I can’t see him doing this on purpose if he was in his right mind.”

Although the soldier is not well known, Mr. Yang Moo-jin – the president of the University of North Korean Studies in South Korea – said that North Korea “maybe” will use Travis King “as a chip,” according to AP News.

“It is likely that North Korea will use the soldier for short-term propaganda and as a form of agitation.”

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