TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan Review

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Review it – In preparation for my regional fair it was a good time that TORRAS offered the Coolify Zone Wearable Fan to test / review. Can a waist-mounted device keep you cool while you’re out and about in the summer? How effective is the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan in accomplishing this task? Read on to find out what I found.

What is it?

The TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan is a USB-C device powered by a battery, combined with a phase changer, saying that it can provide cooling air for hours, at the push of a button.

What’s in the box?

The TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan arrives in what I guarantee to be Apple packaging where everything arrives in one sleek box, everything in its place. A great unboxing experience.

  • Dressed Fan
  • Waist Short Waist
  • Long Waist Belt
  • USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
  • Owner’s Manual – Very small print
  • Quick Start Guide – Reader’s Digest
  • Photo Credit Card

Hardware specifications

  • Short Waist Band – waist size from 21.65″ to 29.92″
  • High waist straps – waist sizes from 29.92″ to 46.46″
  • Running time – 5-15 hours
  • Power – 10 Watts
  • Noise level – 31 dB
  • Cooling Area – 12.9 square inches
  • Section Changing Items
  • Speed ​​Settings – Three through a series of machines
  • Battery Level Indicator – Three LEDs
  • Approximate dimensions – 2″ D x 8″ W x 1.8″ H
  • Weight – 10.6 oz

Design and appearance

The design of the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan is simple and elegant. Waist straps (2), many people need to use it longer, it is easy to attach and remove, and easy to change. The basic interface of the device is easy to find one button that rotates the three speeds from long, low, medium, and high. Based on the length of time this episode will run, I think every feature is about twice as long as the previous one. I verified that the device works for a full 5 hours if it is running at full speed the whole time. I drove it continuously on the lowest setting and it ran for about 15 hours.

One thing I would also like to mention is that the fan input is protected by a plastic cover on the front. This prevents small fingers, or a shirt if the unit is worn under a shirt, from blocking the fan inlet. Outputs are also very well protected. A person may be pressured to accidentally drop something while working.

Another major factor is what TORRAS refers to as the phase shift factor. Now I’m not an expert in any kind of material so I can’t speak intelligently about the possibility of unknown substances, which are solid at temperature (say 76 degrees and anything lower) and will change (melt), if that’s correct. words, when water is heated to normal body temperature (98.6° F). Once removed from the body, it slowly changes (freezes) back into a solid state. It looked like it was starting to melt at about 83 degrees if they were outside, not in the sun.

Sit down

Setting up the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan couldn’t be easier. Fight it all using the recording cable provided, or one you have lying around, attach the matching band to your waist, put it on your waist, and press the button on the front to select the speed you want and you’re good to go. It’s worth noting that there’s no USB-A brick provided, which shouldn’t be a big deal for most users.

The charging port is protected by a rubber dust cover that comes out and stays connected to the device during charging. The three battery LEDs work as expected because the current battery LED is in charge to show where the unit is during a full cycle.

The design to have a metal port at the bottom of the device is a good choice because this area prevents sweat from a person who sweats heavily to enter the metal port. Unfortunately, the battery status LEDs are located near the input port, which is also on the bottom and thus prevents the user from seeing the current battery level without turning the bottom directly or removing the device altogether to see the current battery level. .


Overall, the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan worked flawlessly, as the fan rotates when turned on and the unit can be securely attached to the central unit. I’m not a runner, so I can’t really say how the fan feels when jogging/running, but I think it might be difficult due to the stretch and weight of the unit. The single long button design allows the fan controls to be controlled without having to see the button to access it, as it can be accessed by just touching it, even through its shirt. Again, while the battery type LEDs are good for charging, as mentioned above, they are not good for monitoring when in use because they are on the bottom of the unit, so the unit needs to be removed to view the LEDs when in use. wear say under the shirt when the unit is working.

One thing that is very important when using this product is the area where you fan your body. If the fan is not placed in a position where it blows in your face, the wearer will not feel the wind at all. My wife said that a well-endowed woman has trouble feeling any breeze if the device is placed under her natural environment, or surgically assisted. Oh, and he didn’t use the word gift.

I wore the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan while mowing the lawn, with the wearable fan under my shirt, and the phase shifter against my stomach. Although I could feel the breeze, it wasn’t obvious when I was mowing. I had the fan on the highest setting the entire time I was doing this. What I did notice was how much noise the unit made when the mower stopped. I think it’s a little on the loud side at the highest setting. I didn’t have any way to measure the actual noise level, but I would imagine that at a very high level, people in close proximity, like in a crowd, say waiting in line for something, would no doubt have no problem hearing the speeding device.

In terms of phase shift, I have not been able to measure this phenomenon in a meaningful way. After wearing the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan, I don’t feel too cold. I mean, the device is cold when you first touch your body, but I didn’t feel the constant cold after the solid was transferred to liquid. The material does not provide any cooling to the air being accelerated through the fan. Now that would be revolutionary and good. My guess is that although the material may lose heat during the water change and waste heat to store it, the amount of heat is the amount of my body compared to the amount of the material in the device. it does not allow for continuous cooling of the body that functions in any meaningful way. Just my opinion. I didn’t, as the ad said, “heat the house outside with air conditioning technology.” from their website. Honestly, it wasn’t even close.

Which I like

  • Excellent battery life
  • Good looks
  • Good user interface

What I would change

  • The higher the speed, the louder it is
  • Better location of Battery Level LEDs

Final thoughts

Overall, the TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan performed exactly as I expected it to in my opinion. When wearing it, if you position yourself properly, you can feel the breeze first, but it’s not surprising that a bad fan or a bad stand can prevent any cooling that the fan might have when wearing it. That said, a cover is a great way to carry the fan around when not in use. Fastening and unfastening the belt is so easy that the fan can be held, and directed to the area the user wants to cool. The long battery life allows the fan to be used almost all day, depending on the current speed. The TORRAS Coolify Zone Wearable Fan has two turbo fan outputs, one on each side, which allows for a cool breeze, as opposed to the low airflow that accompanies most battery powered fans on the market.

PricePrice: $129.00
Where to buy: Amazon
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