Tori Kelly in ‘Seriously Critical’ Hospitalization

30-year-old singer Tori Kelly has reportedly been hospitalized due to a blood clot around her major organs. According to TMZAn unnamed source told reporters that Kelly’s condition is “very serious.”

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More About Tori Kelly Hospital

According to the release, the singer went out to dinner with friends on Sunday night when his heart started beating very fast. Kelly then passed out and was “passed out for a while.”

The singer’s friends took him to Cedars-Sinai Hospital to make sure he received the best possible medical treatment for his condition.

Furthermore, the source revealed that the singer has been admitted to the ICU. Doctors say they have found blood in his lungs and legs.

Also, he is now trying to see if he has blood near his heart.

Finally, a source revealed that Kelly was “in and out” while in the hospital.

Tori Kelly’s husband took action

News of Kelly’s hospitalization was announced on Monday evening, but the singer’s husband, Andre Murillo, has not commented on her condition.

However, on Tuesday morning, Murillo took to his Instagram Story and shared a video of Kelly’s verse on Justin Bieber’s “Where Do I Fit In.” While the songs Kelly sings about fear, they also convey a sense of relief.

“When I’m alone and fear is all I see / When I’m silent and insecure / Then you remind me, you hold me tight / And you love me completely, you’re always by my side”

According to Page SixNeither Kelly nor Murillo’s representatives have commented on the site.

A Brief Look at Tori Kelly’s Singing Career

According to Page Six, Kelly rose to prominence as a contestant on the ninth season of ‘American Idol.’ In 2015, he released his first album, ‘Unbreakable Smile,’ which contained his hit songs”.No Love” and “We Had to Be Us.”

In 2019, Kelly took home Grammys for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song, respectively TMZ. However, he took a step away from music in the following years.

Earlier this year, Kely released her new single, “missin u,” and is set to release a new EP, ‘Tori,’ on July 28.

Rooms, please join us in sending good wishes and prayers to Tori Kelly!

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