This Sam’s Club membership deal saves you 50% on your first year

Right now, you’ll pay just $25 for your first year of Sam’s Club membership.

Sam’s Club

$25 $50 Save $25

Sam’s Club is one of the warehouse shopping centers that requires a membership to enter. Normally, it starts at $50 for the year, but right now new members can get a 50% discount, bringing the cost of access down to just $25 for a limited time.

Odds are you’ve heard of Sam’s Club or Costco before. They are both warehouse style retail locations where you can often buy items in bulk and save pretty big, as long as you have the space to store all of it. To shop at these locations, you need to be a member and that means paying an annual fee. Sam’s Club memberships start at $50 for the year, but for a limited time, new members can get started for 50 per cent less, which makes it just $25 for the first year. This is for the Club level membership, not the Plus level which is $110 per year.

Why should you consider a Sam’s Club membership?

Sam’s Club sells just about everything you’ll need to buy for day-to-day life, all in one store. You can get everything from food to clothes, appliances, car accessories, and even tech gadgets. That’s right, Sam’s Club sells a lot of great tech, and it’s often discounted without having to wait for a specific sale. From large screen TVs to laptops, security cameras, phones, and so much more, you’ll love to check out what’s new at Sam’s Club and see what kind of deals you can score.

Buying in bulk generally saves you money, so while you may have to shell out $25 to get your foot in the door, you’ll recover that money pretty easily when shopping at Sam’s Club. The membership grants you access for a full year from the date you start, and it’s worth noting that this will auto-renew so if you want to cancel, you’ll need to do that manually. You can use the Sam’s Club mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) to access your digital membership along with some of the other benefits, like the Scan & Go service. This allows you to scan items as you shop and pay when you are done, so you can skip the lines and just leave.

You need to redeem your code within 30 days of purchase. This offer is only good for new customers or those who have not had a membership within the last six months.

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