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The same place across the canal and south of Klishchiivka where Russia allegedly drove additional VDV troops? Ukraine took that area. There are reports that Ukrainian troops are moving towards Kurdymivka and Avdriivka after taking a large area east of the canal.

There were several reports on Thursday that Russia was massing forces near the city of Kreminna in a major push west. Considering the recent evidence that Russia has expanded 15 kilometers west of Kreminna to capture the village of Torske, this threat may seem significant. But I failed to even work in the same place yesterday.

The reason it was left out was that reports of the Russian capture of Torske were exaggerated. There were also reports that Ukrainian soldiers were forced to leave the village. The best available information is that Russian troops moved north of the highway to Kreminna and reached the wooded area east of Torske around July 6. Ukrainian artillery hit this position. Russia retreated. They haven’t gone that far since.

Fighting continues in the region, with Russia launching heavy artillery attacks on Torske and Ukraine and striking back across the narrow Zherebets River. The area east of the river, including the center of Torske, is currently a “grey area” as Russia continues to press. It is not because Russia exists, but because Russia continues to do violence.

However, this is not a “turning of the tide”! or “the end of disappointment!” that Russian sources happily say. It’s just one of several areas this week where Russia has made big statements in an attempt to change public opinion about what’s happening in Ukraine.

Russia’s ability to pull out of Kreminna certainly warrants attention, especially since Russia is said to have moved 120,000 troops north to retake Kupyansk, Lyman, and the area around the Oskil River. Meanwhile, Russian sources continue to report inconsistently that their forces have moved in the past Torske and going to Lyman. There is no evidence to support these claims.

The developments on the northern front between Kreminna and Kupyansk do not seem, so far, to affect Ukraine’s efforts to push into Russian-controlled areas around Bakhmut or further south between Donetsk and Vasylivka. However, while Ukraine is maintaining a strict silence as part of its security operations, Russian sources are leading the way in military information available on Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. Russia is setting the tone, and the tone is weakening.

Last week, Russia said that Ukrainian troops had abandoned the town of P’yatykhatky after “an entire group” of Ukrainian soldiers had been “killed” by Russian artillery. In support of this, Russian sources released videos which, upon careful examination, show a few Ukrainian soldiers being killed as they took up positions in a boobytrapped trench about 1 kilometer southwest of P’yatykhatky near the Russian-occupied village of Zherebyanky. But by showing a video of one car and four bodies from multiple angles and mixing in a video of military equipment from footage taken last week, Russian propaganda has made it seem like Ukraine’s losses were huge. A Twitter search for P’yatykhatky currently brings up twelve Russia’s claims of complete destruction of the Ukrainian military in this area have not shown a single sign that the situation is not as good as Russia claims.

Something very similar happened on Thursday in the town of Berkhivka. Russian sources have repeatedly said that Ukraine has been driven out of the town, that Russia is moving south, and that all Ukrainian attacks on Bakhmut have been “stopped” as Russia, you guessed it, “changed” and retreated. on frustrations.

There was no evidence then, and there is no evidence now, that this was true. Unusual at this point in the war, there is a real Ukrainian video from the region that shows that the Russian army tried to re-enter Berkhivka by attacking from the forest area in the northwest. The attack failed. In the same way, another attack passed through the same area.

I don’t want to minimize the story here or seem like a cheerleader who is just reporting what’s going on. The situation west of Kreminna is not good and could become difficult if Russia can push more troops into the still growing region. The fighting between P’yatykhatky and Zherebyanky, like fighting in many places in the south, has been going on for a very long time and has cost a lot of money in Ukraine. And even though Berkhivka may be under Ukrainian control, Russia’s ability to attack the region shows that Ukraine has not yet gained an important position in the West.

However, at present, Ukraine continues to advance south, carrying another 1.7 kilometers in the southern part of Velyka Novosilka two days ago. It continues to Bakhmut, freeing Berkhivka and a large part of Klishchiivka. Ukraine is making progress in some areas, including south of Bakhmut in Kurdyumivka.

There is no doubt that Ukraine is still in danger as Russia sacrifices all its men and weapons to try to hold on to the territory it illegally seized. However, in this fake age, it may not seem that way.

For example, here is Russia talking about the destruction of a Ukrainian tank in the south.

But that tank doesn’t get hit by artillery, or run into a mine. A tank is deliberately detonating mines using a demining device. The tank is fine. Russia knew it was good. They just took advantage of the blurry, distant video to make it look like Ukraine lost a tank. Tank over within seconds of this explosion, passing through the bomb shelter and leaving a safe path for others to follow.

When it comes to news from Ukraine, if it seems too good to be true, it is bad to be honest, double check the sources. Because right now, most of what is being produced on social media comes from farms in Moscow.


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In the Berkhivka area, most of the activity now seems to be confined to the wooded area northwest of the town. The Ukrainian army is said to be aiming to enter Krasna Hora, which would allow Ukraine to regain control of the critical road half a kilometer from Berkhivka. Controlling this region was essential for Russia to conquer Bakhmut. It will be necessary for Ukraine to liberate Bakhmut.

At a strategic point southwest of Yahidne, Ukrainian artillery took out several Russian vehicles that were trying to advance. However, the fact that Russia was still operating in the region shows that it is not under the control of Ukraine.

Although the military presence from the West appears to have decreased significantly, for now it appears that Russia still controls the high ground near Dubovo-Vasylivka. There were disturbing reports on Thursday that Ukraine had liberated “all high ground” near Bakhmut, but there was no evidence that Ukraine had retaken the area northwest of the Berkhivka reservoir.

Heavy fighting was reported in the northwest around Zaliznyanske back on July 10, but there have been no updates from the area since then.

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In Klishchiivka, Ukraine has secured high ground to the west of the town, sent troops into the town from the northern hill, and passed through the valley between the two hills to capture parts of the town. There were reports on Thursday that Russian troops are trying to continue holding houses south of Klishchiivka, forcing Ukraine to go door-to-door in an attempt to evict them. There are also several small networks near the town, so there are reports this morning that Ukraine has started using US military equipment in the area (Note: this is probably false. Every time a new weapon is announced, Russian forces in some parts of Ukraine it is said to be being used against them, although the weapon is still months away from reaching the battlefield.)

Reports are divided as to whether Ukrainian troops are meant to move east to Opytne, south to Avdriivka, or north to Bakhmut. More than one answer may be correct.

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The most important place in the region is not the village of Klishchiivka, but the highlands northwest of Klishchiivka proper. The area inside the blue ring represents a mountain that includes networks, fortifications, and preparation areas from military equipment. It is this area that now allows Ukrainian military equipment to cross into many areas south of Bakhmut.

Russia says that some special forces have strengthened the area near the canal south of Klishchiivka. But there seems to be no change in roles in this area.

The southern front

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In the past two days, Ukrainian troops have crossed a small river between several dams to attack Pryyutne from the north. To the north of the village there was a fierce fight, where it seems that Ukraine lost several vehicles. However, there are unconfirmed reports in the last few hours that Ukraine has liberated Pryyutne.

More fighting continues in the east near Staromaiorske, where Russian forces are said to be slowly being pushed south. There are also reports that Ukraine is approaching Urozhaine from the east, but this is not confirmed at this time.

Meanwhile, Russian sources say that Ukraine has deployed a large number of troops in the Levadne region and are either on their way to Stepove or have already liberated it. This is also not guaranteed.

It’s an unproven trifecta. Stay tuned for more information.


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