The cult of MAGA is growing

It wasn’t fake news; we all already know this. Oxford defines “heresy” as “a system of worship and devotion to another person or thing.” And by all indications, the MAGA group is a religious group.

Let’s look at some of those signs.

Marriage is a traditional expression of love, commitment, and dedication to one’s partner. They are a celebration of happiness and joy. Well, unless you are a member of the MAGA cult.

When I posted this on the Daily Kos Slack, the responses were overwhelming:

  • The host’s set list would be 100% Kid Rock.

  • Guests will be invited to use their beer cans to “build a fence” around the wedding venue.

  • That’s what Trump’s head is all about if you freeze the place, the waiter, the photographer, and the priest.

  • There will be a flag hugging contest.

  • Maybe they can shoot cans of Bud Light outside the lobby.

  • Stock up on bathrooms with lots of boxes labeled “selected.”

  • Everyone receives a selected document as a take-home gift to commemorate the special day.

  • “Nancy, I promise I will mess with you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives or until we divorce.” “Todd, I promise to love you forever, and if we divorce I promise to pay for Mexico.”

  • …then they left with their coal rolling two and two freebies attached to the bumper.

After I finished laughing, I knew I had to share it with you. This is not normal behavior!

But that’s the point here: These are not ordinary people. For example, normal people don’t collect “trading cards” with old men.

These MAGA worshipers are wasting money on this nonsense. It gives them purpose, joy, and other wonderful feelings of accomplishment. They might even think they’re sticking it to the libtards. We just think they are sad.

In fact, they are so busy with their religious leader that they have pocketed their laws and are helping to break our founding documents so that they can continue to rule forever, regardless of the will of the people.

There is a delicious schadenfreude in the “GOP tsunami” prediction. Regardless, the rest is…horrible. This is not fiction.

“He is the GREATEST that ever lived in the NEW FUTURE.”

“Trump should be President for LIFE.”

“And he should be KING OF AMERICA.”

“America should be renamed TRUMPERICA in his honor.”

And yet this is typical of Trump-focused online forums. They really worship him as a god.

Sects train young people, and former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas has been fighting hard for this:

I’m dying to order this “Children’s Guide” so we can all laugh at everything in the “free” gift bundle (just pay for it. recurring astronomical costs!). But… nah.

Next, this cartoon seems anti-MAGA to me, but religion loves it. They do not support a party or ideology; Trump does not stand for it. They help hetheir main god leader.

I mean, a Politico photographer shows Trump using a reaper to cut off the heads of his supporters for money. And they think it’s amazing!

And now the latest religious rhetoric, which Trump himself has embraced: Joe Biden’s supporters are not real because we didn’t build a cult around him.

I was one of the 81 million voters, and I would not wear or fly a Biden hat, shirt, or flag outside of campaign time: a campaign rally, at a Democratic convention, going door-to-door, around Election Day, stuff. like that. But these are all political events designed to get people to vote.

I will not wear those weapons or fly the flag as part of my identity, because of my commitment to the individual. It’s weird and scary and normal people don’t do it.

Only religious groups do.

What about that wedding photo? The story was no longer a tweet, and the boy never posted a photo of Trump’s wedding photo. The man he worshiped would not even be bothered to give his disciple’s signature.

As always, devotion in this cult is only one way.

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