Ted Lieu Wants to Know Why Trump Keeps Bowing to the Knees of Russia

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) asks why Donald Trumpet He fell on Russia’s knee. “In office, Donald Trump knelt before Vladimir Putin. After leaving the office, Trump continues to knelt before Putin. Why?”

Lieu, a veteran who sits on the House Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, and Science, Space, and Technology Committees, wrote his comments Here’s a snapshot of Trump’s January comments in which he reiterated his trust in Russia on US intelligence:

“Remember in Helsinki when the 3rd reporter asked me, specifically, who I trusted the most, President Putin of Russia, or the lower ‘Intelligence’ people,” Trump wrote.

“My point at the time was that we had more bad guys… Now add McGonigal & some slime to the list. Who would you choose, Putin or these Misfits?”

This is sadly still relevant, as it is House Republicans are trying to establish an easy way for Russia to interfere in the 2024 election, but Trump would still stand with Russia in their war against Ukraine.

Trump called for the end of US aid to Ukraine, saying that – like Russian propaganda – that by supporting Ukraine against Putin’s brutal aggression, we are pushing towards the Third World War.

This is also an interesting overview of the current situation, as it unwittingly compares Putin to Hitler and recalls British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declaring “Peace for our time” after the 1938 Munich Agreement appeasement policy allowed Nazi Germany to annex parts of Czechoslovakia. , as Britain and France refused to help the Czechs resist.

We saw what happened when those countries submitted to Hitler’s expansionist “peace,” as six months later, Hitler spat out the treaty and ordered his troops to march into Prague. After one year, a Guardian he remembers, Britain and France were at war with Germany.

In fact, if World War III happens, there is no one to blame but Putin and those who support Putin’s violence and illegal invasion of Ukraine. Putin has no good intentions in his attacks, and in fact, he continues to try to destroy western democracy. Anyone who repeats Putin’s lies about WW III as a reason NOT to support Ukraine is not only stupid, but also supporting a Hitler-like extraterrestrial for fighting hopium.

Here’s something about Trump “information” and “the 45th President of the United States” – he puts on a scary note because he presents this as if he was a legitimate leader as president, when he often puts the US in danger and puts the security of the American people at risk all the time. it is a strange force of hostility.

Note: The following text contains many false comments.

“Joe Biden should not be dragging us into World War III by sending military weapons to Ukraine – he should be trying to END this war and stop the horrible death and destruction caused by a failed administration.

There could be no more tangible evidence that Joe Biden’s policy of perpetual war in Ukraine has weakened the United States…. Joe Biden is leading us unnecessarily and dangerously into World War III, which would be the worst we can imagine – end it!

We must stop this madness, immediately stop the bloodshed in Ukraine, and get back to focusing on America’s interests…. We must have “PEACE OF POWER” and soon the 2024 presidential election will produce its results.

As usual, Donald Trump is lying and misleading.

Russia has been using its nuclear weapons against Ukraine for over a year. Russia invaded Ukraine, killing its people including pregnant women and children, leaving Ukraine with no choice but to defend itself or bow to Putin and leave freedom and independence to a dictator.

Putin’s Russia is not exactly the foundation of freedom; it’s a tightly controlled, disinformation-only place where people don’t even know what’s going on. This is the place Trump is pushing to establish in the US, where he has overseen the rollback of democracy as president and continues to push for it.

President Biden does not have a “plan for permanent war in Ukraine.” It is Putin’s plan for endless war. Putin and his supporters, like Donald Trump. Biden and our Western allies are supporting Ukraine because they understand that Ukraine represents the future of Western democracy.

Giving in to Putin’s aggression against Ukraine would seriously harm international democracy, which is exactly what Putin wants.

In January 2023, Russian propaganda expert Julia Davis wrote about The Russians are being prepared through propaganda about the rapid decline in living standards, “Soviet preparation carried out by many Russian propagandists aims to bring people down to a much lower standard of living.” With expectations so dire, Mr Mardan asked his economist, Denis Raksha, a surprising question: ‘What are our chances? Do we have it or not? Will we have to be like South Korea in the 1950s-1960s? Are we going to eat fire ants?’

A dictator wants people to believe that he is protecting them. Living a good life is also important, because people who are starving do not lose much of their possessions by rebelling. If the good life cannot exist, people must be thought to blame the enemy of this world and, if need be, themselves. They will show some people thriving under Putin’s brutal and dangerous regime.

After the rebellion of the Wagner group, Putin warned the West not to try to take advantage of their weaknesses, which I saw at the time as absurd.d since Putin and his cronies have been exploiting the weaknesses of the West for years to destroy western democracy.

The web of lies that are being peddled by many on the right and the Left is a dangerous light that hides Putin’s connection to democracy.

No one enjoys being dragged into a conflict with the world’s problems, but history has taught us that these cannot be solved by passive submission.

It is worth noting that Trump, who has been challenged twice and is often challenged to lead the Republican presidential nomination, continues to bow to Russia that what he says is ‘Putin’s surrender.’

Now, why is the presidential candidate pushing his ignorant, religious people to give in to Putin and stop supporting Ukraine in the run-up to the 2024 elections?

Trump’s policy is essentially a policy of weakness. His position is that we should let Putin do whatever he wants. Donald Trump is, as the Right likes to say, a “cuck” for Putin, who helped Trump win in 2016. So it is very selfish that Trump’s policy is Russia First instead of America First.

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