Teams whose players are paid the most

Focusing on MLB’s highest-spending teams, we were interested in finding out about the lowest MLB salaries in 2023. Of course, some of the teams with the highest salary this season to pay a higher taxand sometimes these teams don’t do very well.

But how are the teams with the lowest payrolls in MLB doing this season?

Ranking the 10 lowest paid MLB players in 2023

If some of baseball’s biggest spenders were disappointed, does that mean MLB’s lowest-paid teams in 2023 are exceeding expectations? That’s not exactly the way things have been this season.

Still, it’s interesting to see how teams that didn’t spend a lot of money fared this year. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 teams with the lowest MLB salaries in 2023.

Diamondbacks – $115.5 Million

Even with a salary of over $100 million, the D’Backs fall to the bottom third in spending. Remember some of them are dead money after parting with them Madison Bumgarner at the beginning of the year.

However, Arizona’s young players have come through, helping the D’Backs lead the NL West for the better part of the season and putting Arizona in the postseason.

Marlins – $96.4 Million

The Marlins always seem to be close to money. Franchise has incredible confidence in spending money. However, Miami was a little rough this past winter.

The Marlins have also made a smart trade, putting them in contention in 2023 after spending so much time near and under the NL East leadership. It’s been a surprising change of pace, especially for South Florida residents.

People – $94 Million

It’s rebuilding time in Washington, so the Nationals are close to a payroll. If only they were wise enough to allow it Stephen Strasburg to voluntarily leave the road Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendonwith others gone, Washington’s player salary would be very low.

Outside of Strasburg is Patrick Corbin, no one in Washington society is making that much money. The only question is when will the Nats begin to add to their young roster and spend more money.

Royals – $93 Million

Even with a salary of $93 million, the Royals have to be disappointed with the way this season has gone. Kansas City has a small amount of money to spend on veteran players but they haven’t been able to put together the right combination of veterans and youngsters.

The Royals are one of those teams that can sometimes make a comeback after years of rebuilding. But they have failed to do anything about their rebuilding efforts this season.

Reds – $92.5 Million

The Reds don’t need to spend a lot of money with the young players they brought to the big leagues this year. A group of enthusiasts led by elly cross he has turned Cincinnati into a contender in the NL Central despite one of the lowest payrolls in baseball.

Incidentally, the salary in Cincinnati is higher than you might think because Joey Votto and Wil Myers he is taking a big role even though he did not give much in 2023.

Management – $91.3 Million

It’s no surprise that the Guardians have the lowest payroll in the AL Central considering they’ve been the best team in the division for so long. Over the past seven seasons, Cleveland has won four titles and been to the playoffs five times.

The Guards always seem to have young pitchers, allowing them to trade higher paid players and continue to compete. That’s what happened again in 2023, and while Cleveland made a solid run, the Guardians have been interesting this year considering their salary.

Rays – $76.6 Million

The Rays are about to turn year-to-year payroll down to a science. They are careful with how they spend their money and are not afraid to sell players when they start making more money. But Tampa can get away with that because the team’s farms always have players ready to come up in the big leagues to help.

Although the Rays have cooled off since their incredible start to the season, their limited usage should not prevent them from making the playoffs in 2023.

Pirates – $76.3 Million

Low wages are nothing new in Pittsburgh, and 2023 is no exception. Most of Pittsburgh’s veterans are players who have passed on and are no longer making much money.

To be fair, the Pirates team has assembled a group of young players who are starting to make noise this season. However, with a few injuries causing it, the Pirates don’t have enough to stay in the playoff picture. But to their credit, they’ve done better in 2023 than you’d expect from the lowest-paid pitcher in baseball.

Orioles – $67.8 Million

It’s amazing what the Orioles have accomplished this season with the second-lowest payroll in baseball. Baltimore’s roster is made up of young players who don’t make much money with a few veterans mixed in.

This is what happens when you spend years rebuilding from the ground up and putting together a large farm system with multiple players. Despite the lack of money, the Orioles have a great chance to win the AL East and make a run in October.

Athletics – $61.4 Million

Of course, it would be surprising to see anyone but the A’s have the lowest payroll in baseball because they have to be in the playoffs. worst teams in baseball history. Oakland has always had a history of trading away star players when they start making big bucks payment decision.

But a salary of over $60 million is a joke. In fact, the whole team has become a joke. Ultimately, the A’s will have a chance to win 50 games, putting them in special company for the wrong reasons.

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