Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge Share Marriage Inside Out

“Before I got married I used to exercise once, twice a week,” said Sofia. “Then when I got engaged I was like, ‘this is my time to feel really good’ so I made it bigger. And now I can’t get out of it.”

And if her husband joins her in her exercise routine?

“One time Elliot did Pilates with us,” he laughed, speaking to his teacher, “he almost cried.”

But although the two may not spend much time in the gym together, the same work two recently performed together was available and Chanel’s Cruise 2024 runway show in Los Angeles on May 9. For the event, Sofia wore a pink feather dress, matching white lace shorts, a small pink and purple bag and Chanel heels.

And Sofia completed the look with three different rings, each with its own meaning for her and her new husband.

“The fun of my rings,” she shared TikTok from the night. “This ring is the promise ring that Elliott gave me when we first started dating. This ring was from our civil wedding and this ring was given to me as my blue thing.”

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