Social Media Has Ne-Yo Shaking Hands With Two Women


Social media users have been cutting it after the R&B video surfaced Ne-Yo holding hands with two women in Miami, Florida.

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Video Shows Ne-Yo Holding Hands With Two Women

On Monday, the video of “Miss Independent” appeared on Instagram. The video was reportedly shared by Instagram user, @jaz2finee. In the photos, the singer was seen walking down the street in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

As Ne-Yo walked past a man who appeared to be filming, the man yelled, “Hey, Ne-Yo!”

The singer was seen responding to the greeting, putting his hand on his chest, and saying hello in greeting.

As Ne-Yo walked past the camera, a woman was seen beside him while another walked behind him. Both women are seen shaking hands with the 43-year-old.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users were quick to share their reactions to Ne-Yo’s photos, which he also shared on The Shade Room. Some users expressed their opinion of the singer differently than the image they created of him due to his R&B series.

Instagram user, @baja_belle, wrote.

“Remember when everyone thought that Neyo had a lot of respect for women because of what he sang in his songs but now just look at him!😂😂😂”

While another user, @aworkingwardrobe, added.

“I never thought the man who wrote ‘Irreplaceable’ could have his voice.”

Meanwhile, the user @lowkey_on_the_gram was added.

“All these songs fooled me about Ne-Yo 😫😂”

While another Instagram user, @bodyby_z, joked about the singer’s song, “So Sick.”

“He got really sick of love songs fr”

Instagram user, diamondrenee___, praised the singer for being polygamous.

“As SHE SHOULD! Don’t try to be monogamous if that’s not what you want. Poly is good”

When another user took it, @just_call_me_sunshine___, he went further.

“As long as they don’t mislead anyone, I don’t see a problem 🤷🏻‍♀️”

Ne-Yo Has Previously Spoken About His Dating Life & Music Critics

In May, the 43-year-old singer took to social media to address her critics about her alleged dating life. The Shade Room. At the time, Ne-Yo explained that people’s opinions “don’t mean anything to him.”

“I just need the whole world to understand this. Your opinion of me and my life means NOTHING to me. My kids love me. My wife loves me. My future is being brought up like f**k. I don’t even have a tome to worry about what you think. I feel like the dad in ‘The Nutty Professor.’ You think I’m listening to you. Ion I’m listening to you.”

In addition, he added that he comes from the “Omarion School of unbotheredness.”

“I can come from Omarion’s school without a problem. I’m sure anyone who wants to see this will. Because I’ve already spent so much time trying to get to know you. Hear how you want to hear about me, Imma sleep well tonight and every night. Right now you’re crazy because I’m alive. How’s it going for you?”

Prior to this, Ne-Yo was publicly criticized after talking to himself TMZ and explained that he was “engaged” and “in a happy place” despite his divorce from his wife of eight years, Crystal Renay.

“I’m in a place where I’m happy. I’m in a happy place, so I’m in a relationship now — I don’t give an ad**n. I’m fine.”

At the same time, Ne-Yo also appeared with the woman he cheated on Renay and gave birth to two children during their marriage, Sade Bagnerise.

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Since then, the singer has written to fix the relationship between the two children while Bagnerise is said to have apologized to Renay for her role in the breakdown of their marriage. In addition, Bagnerise adds that the singer is said to be experiencing a “mid-life crisis”.


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