Review of the Tactica K.100 Engraved Blade Pocket Knife – a simple, functional workhorse with a stylish design!

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Review it – I started to pick up my pocketknife EDC, and I *might* have gotten emotional. My latest acquisition is this: K.100 Engraved Blade Pocket Knife from Tactica. This simple and sturdy knife offers a smart feel, but it also has many features in the design that make it easy to use. Let’s find out. To the comments!

What is it?

Tactica K.100 is a bag a knife.

Hardware specifications

  • Overall length: 7.4″
  • Blade length: 2.9″
  • 4.2 own
  • D2 metal tool with laser cut design
  • G10 handle
  • Ambidextrous thumb stud opening
  • Liner lock
  • Lanyard River

Design and appearance

The Tactica K.100 Engraved Blade Pocket Knife is simple and effective. Your color is black, with an orange undertone. There is also a sense of something interesting in the design of the page from a closed space, but the overall beauty is clean, muscular, and very functional.

Open the page through the fingerprint mentioned above, and you will see that the page is covered with a laser engraved image. My tester came with “camo”, but several types of etching are offered. Opinions on the design vary, but I like how they break up the black-on-black uniform throughout the build.

Here is a close up of the page for your reference. I like the versatility of the reverse-tanto page design for flexibility.

The area where your finger meets the spine has a contoured distance that enhances your grip. It is a small detail that is very good to do. It also shows the attention to detail found in the design.

The ball bearing pivot is designed to open and close very smoothly. Combined with the ambidextrous thumb stud you’ll find that this knife lends itself well to one-handed opening.

As we walk around the body we see some great architecture. Gentle bevels and contours balance the sharp geometry on the body, making the blade easy to grip and hold.

You get the vibe very quickly that these designs are made for heavy duty work. Check the dimensions of the G10 handles.

The liner lock system is great for confidence & security if you are doing heavy duty work. This sucker doesn’t fall if you don’t want it to.

You also get a block built into the frame if you want to hang this knife on a thread. Another detail to consider.


There is something very impressive about the simple, powerful design of the Tactica K.100 Engraved Blade Pocket Knife. Here’s a look at comparisons with three of my favorite knives. From above, we have CRKT Pilar I, and Opinel X #8and CRKT Pilar III in addition to the Tactica K.100.

Here they are in the open.

What interests me in these comparisons is the design of Tactica, in a good way. The sturdy handle feels a bit more built in compared to the other three blades. Combine that with the simple, rich style of the page and you have a design that perfectly suits its purpose as a garden tool.

The grip is very comfortable and fits a wide range of hand sizes. It feels bulky and heavy in the hand.

Pivot action is beautiful when you break it down a bit. I found it needed 150-200 open/close over several days to loosen, and now it’s smooth. If you love playing with your knife, you’ll love this one after a break.

I haven’t had much chance to go out into the woods camping and such, but I’m getting a lot of work done around the house. It likes to eat boxes. I really appreciate the hard work that goes into this kind of work.

I also work in the garden by cutting crops or harvesting vegetables. This is where the art of hard work comes in.

One unexpected bonus from the design that I can really appreciate outdoors is the ease of cleaning. The house does not have many odd cracks and places where dirt can get stuck. The G10 handles are also suitable for handling with wet or sweaty hands.

If there was one fault I found, it came in sharpening. The knife I received was not very sharp in the box and you had to work on the stone to remove it.

What I noticed about sharpening, however, is that the edge of the knife near the heel is very difficult to reach with a sharpener. You can see it below. It’s the last 1/4″ before you reach the handle. This is a difficult place to reach unless you have the right sharpening tool or cut the knife. It’s manageable, but it’s something you need to be aware of.

It is also worth commenting on the overall growth. The Tactica K.100 Engraved Blade Pocket Knife measures 4.25″ long, 1″ deep, and 0.5″ thick when closed and weighs 4.2 ounces. It’s a chunky knife that may not fit everyone’s needs for a customized EDC.

Finally, we need to control the object created by the page. It’s a style that some will love, and others will hate. Digital camo may be too “tacticool” for some, but I believe it offers some functionality in addition to a black blade. Personally, I’ll be interested to see how it fares in long-term use, and whether or not it appeals.

Which I like

  • Beefy construction designed for heavy duty applications
  • Simple, functional design
  • Lots of thought in every design

What I would change

  • Laser-cut designs on the pages will not appeal to everyone
  • The bottom of the blade near the heel can be difficult to expand depending on the equipment you have

Final thoughts

I really like the K.100 Engraved Blade Pocket Knife as a simple, well-designed, purpose-built knife. The ergonomics are excellent and the operation is very smooth for opening with one hand. It’s a great way to do outdoor activities (hunting, camping, hiking) where you can take advantage of heavy duty work. I find it too big for my EDC, but that’s just personal preference.

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