Ray Epps’ New Lawyer Behind FOX News Lawsuit is Managing Director of 65 Project – His Former Lawyer Worked for FBI for 9 Years and Bashed Cops on Twitter | The Gateway Pundit | and Jim Hoft

Ray Epps’ former attorney worked for the FBI for nine years and was harassed by the police.

Ray Epps’ current attorney is director of the 65 Programa fascist group committed to destroying and impeaching any lawyer who supports Donald Trump or questions America’s election fraud.

Like Heather Allen and Patty McMurray 100 Percent Fed It has been said before – Democrats and the crooked DOJ have gone out of their way to protect the MAGA hat worn by Ray Epps, but the question will not go away – who is Ray Epps, and what was his position on Jan. 6 days before the “terrorist” in the US Capitol?

Video via Villain Report.

Videos of Ray Epps leading the J6 protests have been circulating on social media, but for some inexplicable reason, he has never been arrested. He has been protected while others have been charged with minor crimes. Is he an FBI informant? Is he an FBI agent?

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (KY) has been repeatedly stonewalled by the January 6th Witch Hunt Committee for asking questions about Epp or his role in the so-called January 6th “terrorists”.

Look to the left of Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee Rep. Jamie Raskin defends Ray Epps after Rep. Thomas Massie asks about Ray Epps. Massie has defended himself over MAGA hat-wearing Ray Epps as “that poor guy” and asked Republicans to “leave him alone,” and said Republicans should be more concerned about Donald Trump’s accusations against him. outside the court and the judge.


When Senator Ted Cruz asked FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn, “Was Ray Epps fed?” He replied, “Senator, I cannot answer this question.” When Cruz pressed Sanborn showed pictures of Epps whispering to the protesters who immediately began to tear down the barricades, “Did Mr. Epps encourage them to tear down the barricades?” Sanborn added, “I can’t answer that.”

Tucker Carlson asked why Trump-hating RINO Rep. Adam Kinsinger (IL) continues to defend and even “praise” Ray Epps.


But with the release of the J6 Committee, the question of who Ray Epps really is and his role in the January 6 resurrection is more important than ever.

Dinesh D’Souza wrote some of Epp’s January 21, 2022, committee questions. Epps was questioned about the text message exchange with his nephew. On January 6, 2021, Ray Epps responded to his nephew’s comments.

When he asked her if she was alright, she replied,


Recently released documents show Epps and his son don’t remember Epps being called “Fed.” Epps consistently states that his J6 role was “just to protect the police when, on the night of J5, he encouraged people to go to the Capitol.”

But this is where things get really interesting – The names of Ray Epp’s lawyer were revealed at the beginning of the document, indicating that he was represented by. John W Blischak and Andrew Blischaka father and two sons from Arizona.

John Blischak was an FBI agent in Ohio for 9 years before moving to Phoenix, Arizona, where he became a lawyer.

Soon after, Epps was asked to identify himself, to put his name on the record. Mr. Blischak introduced himself, saying, “Yes. My name is John W. Blischak. I will be representing Mr. Epps throughout this investigation.”

Ray Epps had thousands of Arizona law enforcement lawyers to choose from, but somehow Ray Epps, a man who, without reason, was removed from the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list for the “attack” on January 6th. (see photo below, before Epps was removed from the lineup) chose a lawyer who worked as an FBI agent for 9 years before becoming a lawyer.

John and Andrew Blischak’s website indicates that father and son are in law practice together.

Former FBI director turned attorney John Blischak

John’s biography from him “about Us” The site says Mr. Blischak worked for the FBI as an agent for nine years, first in Cleveland, then in Phoenix, before working as a Maricopa County prosecutor and finally going undercover in 1987:

Mr. John W. Blischak was born in Steubenville, Ohio. After John W. Blischak graduated from law school in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975, he began a very rewarding career. nine years as an FBI Agent with the US Department of Justice, starting in Cleveland and then moving to Phoenix. Seeking independence and challenges, Blischak left the FBI and began working as a freelancer. three years as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office among the most difficult organized crime groups, and later Mr. Blischak joined in 1987 himself.

Andrew’s biography says that his father’s time as an FBI agent, prosecutor, and defense attorney contributed to his decision to pursue a career in law.

Ray Epps’ attorney Andrew Blischak, son of John Blischak

Epps claimed to be a supporter of Trump, but surprisingly, he hired the Blischaks to represent him, two men who also wrote a post confirming that the police could have solved the George Floyd case. Prosecuting the police on behalf of criminals is not usually an issue pushed by conservatives, which calls into question the choice of Epps’ attorneys.

And now Ray Epps’ current attorney is the executive director of The 65 Project.

Michael Teter is currently representing Ray Epps in his lawsuit against FOX News.

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