Raging wildfires in Greece slowed down by drop in temperature — as fight ‘not over’

THE worst wildfires in living memory were still burning across Greece earlier tonight — as a drop in temperature slowed their progress.

But the country’s climate crisis minister, Vassilis Kikilias, warned: “Nothing is over, the battle will continue throughout the summer.”


Despite a drop in temperature slowing the progress of the flames, they still have a hold in several regions, as 61 separate fires remain alight across the countryCredit: Getty

The flames still had a hold in several regions, with 61 separate fires remaining alight across the country — in Rhodes, Corfu, Evia and close to Athens.

In Rhodes, dramatic drone ­footage showed a huge black scar scorched from the middle of the island to the town of Kiotari on the east coast.

New fires erupted in the cities of Volos and Lamia.

Blazes have also reached the outskirts of Athens.

Hotel swimming pools in fire-ravaged Rhodes drained to tackle raging infernos
Travel advice for Athens and Evia and if they're safe from fires

Residents have been evacuated from Magnesia, a coastal area north of the capital.

Crete, popular with thousands of British tourists, also remains on high alert.

The Greek fire brigade warned the risk of fire remained “extreme” for several areas of the country.

More than 40 people have died in Greece, Italy and Algeria as a result of recent fires.

The majority of deaths, 34, occurred in the North African country.

July is on track to be the hottest month ever recorded and may be the hottest in the last 120,000 years, scientists have said.

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