Rachel Maddow Gives an Optimistic Look at the Democratic Struggle

Rachel Maddow reminded viewers that in the face of authoritarianism, resistance and the fight for democracy are contagious.

Maddow said, among other things:

Considering our domestic problems along these lines, we are moving as we are, we are dealing with these important questions of whether we are following the rule of law or going to a totalitarian regime, knowing that those who elect us as president next year will establish the leadership as a referendum on that person or the law. Knowing that’s what we’re dealing with here in this country, looking at our domestic problems right now, looking at pictures of our history, and from Israel this week.

It’s days like these when it’s good to remember that it’s not the freedom of authority that’s rising as a global phenomenon. It is also a rejection of authoritarianism that could become global. This is a worldwide phenomenon. The fight is tough again…Courage is essential. The opposition to these things starts again. It is contagious. And encourage. Thank God.


Americans Have Seen This Resistance and Courage

When Roe was overturned, the American people refused to have their rights stolen. The American people came together in the 2022 midterm elections to ensure that far-rights do not gain unlimited power to steal the liberties of our citizens.

Two years earlier, the American people had rallied to push back and reject Donald Trump’s rule Trumpet to elect Joe Biden.

In special election after special election, when the hard-right MAGAist was competing for American freedom, voters rejected it. Men Wisconsin, voters said no to Trump’s reelection bid and overturned the state Supreme Court.

All rulers need people to call it quits, to stop fighting.

Autocratic coups fail when the people come together to say no. The United States is under the threat of an anti-democracy movement that is destroying the far right, but take heart because when the American people take a stand on democracy, recent history has proven that the incumbents lose.

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