PVR Inox Plans to Add Two More Superplexes This Year, One in Pune and Bengaluru Each.

Film presenter Picture of PVR INOX On Thursday it said it plans to add two more superplexes this year as part of plans to expand its core offering. The company opened its flagship 12-screen feature in Bengaluru, with multiple movie formats, spanning 158 screens across 25 theaters in the city.

Superplexes or movie theaters with 10 or more screens offer different screens and experiences under one roof in large venues with large floor areas.

“Bengaluru has always been a very special market for us, where the level of movie buffs is very high. People there watch all kinds of movies in multiple languages ​​or genres and it is a great city for us… We are always looking for growth opportunities in Bengaluru,” PVR INOX CEO Sanjeev Kumar Bijli said.

The new superplex has 12 screens with 2,192 seats, he added. When asked how many superplexes the company plans to open in India, he said, “This year, we are setting up two more, one each in Bengaluru and Pune.” Currently, the company has seven superplexes.

Bijli said superplexes are bringing a revolution in the entertainment industry with futuristic cinema concepts and hospitality. With the addition of the new superplex in Bengaluru, the company has consolidated its presence in the south with 542 screens in 96 locations, PVR INOX said.

In another news, PVR INOX CEO Gautam Dutta revealed that he expects an opening day box office of Rs. 7 crore for Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer and Rs. 4 million of Barbie. Both the films are releasing this Friday and are expected to make a total of Rs. 45 million – Rs. 30 crore to Oppenheimer and Rs. 15 crore for Barbie – weekend (Friday and Sunday Offers) in India.

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