Oppenheimer: Cillian Murphy calls Robert Downey Jr ‘electrifying’; reveals acting with him was ‘extraordinary’

Oppenheimer is one of the biggest movies of the year. With a star-studded cast, the movie has earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The star of the movie Cillian Murphy recently talked about his experience working with Iron Man actor Robert Downy Jr. and the fun they had working with the film’s script.

Cillian Murphy praises Oppenheimer co-star Robert Downey Jr.

In a recent interview with GQ, Cillian Murphy spoke about the Oppenheimer script being incredibly dense, to the point where the actor made an exception by reading his lines before he got to the set. 

Murphy said, “You have to be completely prepared. I knew the script more or less before we went into work, which isn’t so not something I’ve ever done before. Only in theatre, because there was so much text, and it was quite dense. I wanted to not be worried about the text when I went on the floor.”

One respite the Inception actor had was working with Robert Downey Jr. He explained, “But then, a lot of the scenes I have with Downey, it was quite loose and quite improvisational.”

Murphy heaped praise on the Iron Man actor, calling his talent extraordinary. He said, “I mean, acting with him was just extraordinary. He’s just electrifying, the most available engaged, present, unpredictably brilliant actor I’ve ever worked with.”

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Cillian Murphy’s views on Oppenheimer

During the interview, Murphy was asked if he is “able to judge him [Oppenheimer] just a little bit?” In his response, the actor diplomatically said, “I’m really not going to give you an opinion on that. I really strongly believe that the film should ask the questions of the audience.”

He explained that his motive is not to “prejudice anybody’s point of view, when they go into the movie theatre, about what how they feel and Oppenheimer.”

Although, the actor did reveal Christopher Nolan’s view of the man the world came to know as the father of the atomic bomb. Murphy shared, “What I will say, is that Oppenheimer – Chris called him the most important man that ever lived, whatever you think about that. That’s up to you. But we are living in a world that was changed by Oppenheimer. We’re living in a nuclear age because of what Oppenheimer did.”

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer has been racking in amazing box-office numbers since its release on July 21. With its controversies and praises, Nolan has added another blockbuster to his list of iconic movies.

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